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How to Achieve Flow State? The Most Practical Guide

IGG Sanju


Flow, also known as “being in the zone,” is a state of complete immersion and focus in an activity, where time seems to fly by, and distractions disappear. 

Achieving a flow state can increase productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction with life. In this article, you will learn to explore:

  • What is flow?
  • What is flow in life?
  • Why is flow important? 
  • How is flow different from other mental states? 
  • How can you bring flow into your life? 
  • How to achieve a flow state through practical actions? 

I will also provide practical tips and techniques on achieving a flow state, including setting clear goals, eliminating distractions, and finding activities that challenge and engage you.

Whether you are a student, athlete, or professional, mastering the art of flow can help you find your inner genius and greater creativity and reach your full potential to live a more fulfilling life.

What Is Flow?

The state of “flow” is where you are completely absorbed in an activity, feeling invigorated by it and experiencing profound satisfaction and contentment.

When you are in flow, you experience higher happiness and productivity levels.

Flow is characterized by intense focus and concentration, a sense of control over the task, and a loss of self-consciousness (primarily the ego state of being someone). 

  • Time seems to pass quickly, and you become completely absorbed in the activity, with a clear goal and immediate feedback on your progress.
  • The experience is typically accompanied by deep satisfaction and a desire to continue the activity.

For example: 

  • An athlete in the middle of a competition may experience flow as he concentrates solely on his performance, shutting out distractions and external factors. 
  • A musician may enter a state of flow while composing or playing a piece of music, losing the beauty of the sound and the rhythm.
  • A writer may experience flow when writing, losing track of time and the outside world as he fully engages with his ideas.

Flow is a powerful state that can increase creativity, productivity, and joy.

By understanding what it is and how to cultivate it, you can unlock your full potential and achieve greater fulfillment in your personal and professional lives.

What Is Flow in Life?

Flow in life means you are in tune with your Inner GPS and flowing with the flow of your life force.

You experience the highest quality of creativity when you are in flow with your energy.

When you are one with your energy, you feel lighter and brighter and become smarter. You become smarter because there are fewer obstacles in your planning work and its manifestation.

For example:

If you plan to go to a place for a trip, all you need to do is:

  • To finalize the destination
  • Follow the practical steps of booking a hotel or a homestay for that place
  • Decide the duration of your stay
  • Book a cab or whatever mode of transportation is required to reach that place
  • Pay the money or the booking amount 
  • Get the things done by outsourcing the things which need to be done by others

After all the external involvement, you can be yourself, get ready, pack your bags, and set into motion.

This is the state of flow when no other obstacles in the form of your mind come into the picture to create hurdles in what you have planned and how it will manifest.

Why Is the Flow State Important? 

Flow is the highest potential state of a creator from where he can create the highest quality of creation.

When you are in flow with your energy, you experience the best health because life is a flow. 

The life in you- you, the life is operating in this body for a particular duration.

You flow from this moment to the next in continuity without disruptions. The flow of your life’s motion is linear because you cannot move backward.

You always move forward, the flow of life is moving forward, time never goes back, and time always travels in forward motion.

The time you experience yourself as a human being in this body is the flow of life.

What Is the Biggest Hurdle to Achieving the Flow State? 

The only obstacle to your flow in life is your stuck mind because the nature of the mind is to remain either in the past or to move into the future. You learn from your past, and think about the future but you experience flow only in the present by living life completely. 

The mind never remains in the present because, in the present, you remain as the consciousness moving with the flow of yourself as energy.

What’s the Secret to Achieve Flow In Your Life? 

You continue with that flow when operating in the present and the next moment. The next moment which will come after this moment will also be in the flow of your tune.

IGG Sanju:

“Live the moment and leave the moment.”

Only when you live the moment completely then only you can leave the moment totally. This is true for every moment as you flow into life’s rhythm. 

Whatever you begin now will flow in the next moment because: 

According to Newton’s First Law of Motion:

“Every object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless compelled to change its state by the action of an external force.”

Develop the flow in your life by remaining conscious and operating as consciousness. The next moment will be a reflection or a continuous flow of this moment.

Likewise, spend a week, a month, and years in this flow of remaining in the present moment as consciousness and remaining with the flow of your energy. In a few years, you will experience the enlightened state of being the way free people, free human beings, experience.

The state of free individuals is flowing. You experience the flow in your life like the water flowing from a glacier and traveling its journey through the planes to its final destination- the ocean.

How Is Flow Different From Other Mental States?

Unlike other mental states, such as boredom or anxiety, flow is characterized by a sense of effortless control and focus and a loss of self-consciousness. 

In flow, you are fully engaged and invested in your task, leading to feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment. 

Additionally, flow often results in a distortion of time perception, making hours feel like minutes. 

Flow is a highly positive and unique consciousness characterized by intense focus, enjoyment, and productivity.

How Does Removing Mind Help in Flow State? 

Removing your mind means removing the limited beliefs, conditioning, garbage, and the unwanted stuckness of energetic blockages in your mind.

Only when you are in your life can you bring flow into your life by removing your mind?

Make your mind calmer, peaceful, and obedient to follow your instructions. Your mind must follow you as the master, you the consciousness as the leader.

Only when you operate as consciousness will your body, mind, and spirit (energy) be in tune and align to one center.

Observation During Practical Activities to Achieve the Flow State Now

You can experience flow temporarily through a few activities or creations.

1. Working on digital media

If you work on digital media or you are a creator in some sense, then you can watch yourself during the activity. 

You can witness the following: 

  • What happens when you begin the process of creation?
  • How do you feel during those times when you are creating something?

2. Dancer

If you are a dancer or if you dance naturally, initially, there is the dancer and the dance.

Observe that the separation is there initially, but as you become one with the dance, the dancer dissolves, and only the dance remains.

3. Singer 

When you are a singer, and you are singing, initially, the singer is different from the song, and the singing is happening from the singer.

Observe that when you become one with the song, the experience which remains for the listener is just singing.


  1. You forget your identity.
  2. You forget where you are and who you are.
  3. You forget your perception of the external world.
  4. You go deep into the creation happening from you, from the source of your existence.
  5. You, the creator and the creation, become one.
  6. There are no two identities in this process.

Why Does the Flow Happen? 

In all the above activities, only the flow experience remains in creation, dance, and singing. This happens because:

  • You have become one with energy.
  • You have become one with the flow of your internal consciousness
  • The mind has vanished at that moment

How to Follow Your Inner GPS to Achieve the Flow State?

Whatever your purpose in life, whatever your Inner GPS suggests and guides you, you can take action in that direction.

Flow is the highest potential state of you as the creator from where you can create the highest quality of creation.

If you want to learn the art of getting in flow with your energy, you have to tune to your Inner GPS, where you will get intuitive guidance from within about:

  • Whatever you want to do in your life 
  • What you do not need to do. 

All this guidance will come to you from your Inner GPS.

How to Tap Your Inner GPS to Set You in Flow? 

To tap your inner GPS will require your involvement in the process of feeling your energy. Your energy signals you for certain actions to be done or signals you towards not doing an action because it will harm you.

You need to locate what your energy signals towards if you want to learn how to bring flow in your life by removing all the obstacles and hurdles which are not allowing you to be in flow with your energy, in flow with your heart.

10 Practical Activities That Help You Achieve Flow State

Here are 10 practical activities that can bring flow into your life:


Creative writing or journaling can be incredibly cathartic and engaging, allowing you to express yourself and explore your thoughts and feelings.

#2.Playing an instrument

Playing an instrument requires focus, practice, and dedication, which can lead to a flow state.

#3.Painting or drawing

Engaging in creative activities such as painting or drawing can be incredibly meditative and relaxing, letting you get lost and forget everything else.

#4.Cooking or baking 

Preparing a meal or baking can be a great way to focus on the present moment and get into a state of flow.


Whether tending to a vegetable garden or planting flowers, gardening can be a great way to connect with nature and get lost.

#6.Yoga or meditation 

Practicing yoga or meditation can help you focus on your breath and clear your mind, allowing you to enter a flow state.

#7. Playing sports or exercising

Engaging in physical activity such as playing sports or exercising can help you get into a state of flow by challenging yourself to push yourself and focus on the present moment.


Getting lost in a good book can be incredibly engaging and help you forget about everything else in your life.

#9.Learning a new language

Learning a new language requires focus and dedication, which can lead to a flow state.

#10.Engaging in a challenging hobby

Whether building models, solving puzzles, or playing strategy games, engaging in a hobby that challenges you can be a great way to enter a flow state.

There are many ways through which you can bring flow into your life. For specific guidance, read the next segment.

How Can You Take My Help to Achieve the Flow State?

If you find achieving the flow state difficult and spending more time with your mind, you can connect to me.

You can take my help to guide you, to bring flow, and to set you into a state of action, a spontaneous movement in life, and being one with your life force, your consciousness.

For more insights, guidance, and personal coaching, you can connect with me and share with me:

  • Whatever you want to know about flow
  • Ways to bring flow into your life 

You can experience the highest state of a free person through my Inner GPS Coaching and our Inner GPS Workshop. 


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