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How to Be a Smart Man? Unlocking the Secrets

IGG Sanju

how to be a smart man?

In this article, you will learn:

  • 4 Reasons why you are a fool
  • 3 Practical steps to becoming a smart and intelligent man 
  • 7 Conscious steps to becoming a smart and intelligent man permanently
  • How to be a smart man? 

A smart man is one who is happy, listening to his intelligence, operating from consciousness, and taking dynamic actions. You can become a smart, creative, and intelligent person by making the optimum utilization of your available time, money, and energy. 

When you tap into the power of your consciousness, you can use your creative ability, the intelligence of the consciousness to know the importance of the three most powerful valuable resources of your life :

  • How can you best utilize your available time on this planet?
  • How can you make the optimum utilization of your money? 
  • How can you invest your energy in such a way that you become the wealthiest? 

4 Reasons why you are a fool

When you outsource your life to the mind or brain patterns(neuroplasticity), you become poor in all areas of your life. Your mind is the collection of limited beliefs, conditioning, imagination, and knowledge about how to live. 

Reason No 1: Your Beliefs

You are a fool if you use your collective mind to make crucial decisions in your daily life. 

For example:

The most common belief created by the collective mind is-“You need to do a job to earn a living.” You can change your limiting emotions, and beliefs, and focus on knowing the facts:

  • There is no compulsion you need to do a job to earn a living. 
  • Research shows that there are multiple ways to make a living in which you can create in this world by adding value in different forms. 
  • There are many direct intelligent direct ideas to make money. 
  • Most people are living a happier, freer, and more creative life without doing a job.

Reason No 2: Blindly Following Others 

You are a fool if you follow the advice of the so-called experts and old friends in your life. 

  • Your family, old friends, or relatives want you to be a clone of society. 
  • They get the benefit from you for which they have advised you. 

Imagine you start living a free life different from theirs (collective mind) after a specific time. In that case, there is a possibility you will not be accessible to them for their pep talk, needs, and satiate their mood. 

As a result, you are made handicapped by creating a mind or limiting the brain power that contains the limiting idea of yourself, feel bad factors, with degrading ability to learn and does not allow you to do anything out of the box. 

Reason No 3: Not a risk-taker

You are not a risk-taker. You are in your comfort zone and following the collective mind and acting like a dense matter. The collective mind does not allow you to take the risk and become a happier and more intelligent person who can independently live this life on this planet: 

  • By exploring new possibilities. 
  • By doing new things. 
  • By developing new skills.
  • By going to unexplored territories. 
  • By creating something unique to him. 

Reason No 4: Making Foolish Decisions

Suppose you are in the hands of the mind and following what the mind says, your brain functions in the same way. In that case, you end up doing activities and wasting your valuable time, money, and energy on the things that society keeps on investing in the materialistic aspects of life.

Some common examples of what a fool person does by listening to the “shoulds” of friends and society emanating from collective beliefs: 

  • Getting a job to earn a living
  • Buying a car, a home, or investing in tangible assets
  • Getting married and becoming responsible
  • Giving birth to a child to create a family 

3 Practical steps to becoming a smart and intelligent man

You will remain a fool guy if you keep following your mind and listening to the mood of your mind. You cannot live life with the direction and instructions of the mind. However, you can live the best life and become joyful and peaceful by following your inner GPS

Your Inner GPS is:

  • Intelligence itself works for you. 
  • Guiding you at different times on how to remain interested in yourself. 
  • Signaling you not to follow the beliefs of society to make a decision. 

Step 1: Make Important Financial Decisions

There are many financial decisions in your life based on your needs at a particular time.

For example:

You do not need a car to travel to a place. 

  • You can outsource cab services to go to a site like smarter guys. 
  • But the “shoulds” of society and when you listen to the people you spend time with, you think you “should” have a car. 
  • You buy a car even if you cannot afford it and keep paying the EMIs for it for years until you own the vehicle.
  • Ultimately, you get tired of paying the EMIs. 

When you use your intelligence and follow your Inner GPS. In that case, you will calculate the exact monetary value invested in buying a car instead. 

For instance, how do you get value if you hire a vehicle for the number of visits you may take to any destination for your work? 

Likewise, in almost everything you do in life, you can exercise your intelligence to other financial decisions: 

  • Buying a home or renting a place for living. 
  • Outsourcing many utilities instead of buying. 
  • Avoiding compulsive buying. 
  • Remaining pragmatic and bringing understanding and using intelligence before investing in anything that involves your hard-earned money. 
  • Assessing “the value” over “price” you are paying for a product or service. 
  • Use the “science” and “math” skills and knowledge to take practical decisions in the world.

Step 2: Form Meaningful Relationships

In relationships, the most common belief is that you “should” get married, subject to your age, education, and earnings. 

You need to get married when it is your destiny, and your Inner GPS says you need a partner to live your life with him/ her, not based on your imagination.

 But suppose you are married at a certain age at a particular time of your life, by listening to the “shoulds” of society. In that case, you are not using your brain and are an intelligent person. Countless women in this world including older women are waiting for the presence of smarter and happier men in their lives.

When you get married, you invest most of your earnings and savings into your marriage ceremony. You also get burdened by the financial responsibility of being in a family or running a family after marriage. 

It is an individual choice :

  • Whether to marry or not
  • When to marry
  • With whom to marry

You are an intelligent man if you can make decisions and exercise your cognitive abilities of the brain, and your individual needs of being with a partner. Your Inner GPS says the right time for you to have a partner is based on your feelings. Approaching women with the intention to be with a smarter man.

Similarly, you can make other meaningful relationships like: 

  • Choosing people who contribute to your life as friends. 
  • Selecting colleagues or business associates who contribute to your progress. 
  • Associating and talking with new people who add value to your life. 
  • You set traits of conversation based on your ability to learn
  • Deleting unwanted people from your life who play with words. 

Step 3: Make Practical Decisions

After marriage, the next “should” comes about kids. The belief is – “You should have kids” and “You should start a family”. 

Follow your Inner GPS to guide you: 

  • Why do you want to give birth to a child? 
  • When do you want to give birth to your child? 

Reality check before giving birth to a child:

1. Life factor:

Before giving birth to a child, calculate the volume of energy, time, and money that the child will take from her life to live on this planet. 

  • There is no harm in giving birth to a child. Still, if you are unprepared, you are not only fooling yourself but also others to show off that you have a complete family. 
  • A child will demand your full-time attention (energy), your precious time of life, and your money to survive on this planet. 
  • A child will come with its databank of unsaid words, desires, and dreams. 

2. Investment factor:

Suppose you have the ability, and skills and are prepared for giving birth to a child, it is brilliant if you are equipped to bear the expenses or the investment in your child. It appears scary when you calculate only the financial aspect of a child’s upbringing (including school and education costs). 

3. Expenses factor:

Think multiple times before you decide and exercise the action to give birth to a child. If you are not prepared and you are finding it challenging to manage: 

  • Your expenses and your ability to fund future expenses.
  • The expenses of your family members who are present now.

Your life is yours. It is given to you to set traits, nurture, and grow as a human being. Learn from your past and be wise and intelligent to make decisions about your life in the present that is going to shape your future. 

7 Conscious steps to becoming a smart and intelligent man permanently

Be conscious in your life to become smarter and more intelligent permanently. You can follow your Inner GPS and become wise and intelligent permanently by: 

Step 1: Accessing your consciousness

By continuously accessing your Inner GPS, you will ensure that your life is in control. 

Step 2: Valuing your time, money, and energy

Envisaging the impact of your time, money, and energy in every activity you do from the moment you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed.

Step 3: Envisaging a situation

Moving forward into the pros and cons of every situation, solving problems and learning will keep you smart and vigilant. 

Step 4: Not listening to your mind

Not listening to the mind or what the mind thinks or what your mind shows is a way to stop being unconscious. 

Step 5: Acting in the present moment

Acting entirely in the present with the power and intelligence of consciousness will set traits of daily meditation. Daily meditation on the present moment will make you:

  • A more aware and conscious individual
  • Increase intelligence
  • Improve working memory
  • Brain function and brain health will improve
  • Solve problems

Step 6: Making productive decisions

Include something else or someone in your life to be a smart guy. Only when you can manage your time, money, and energy productively and more efficiently. The following tips work practically:

  • Learn to make meaningful conversations with like-minded people and respect their knowledge
  • Learn to speak a new language or at least show interest in two languages different from your native language
  • Learn new skills, solve problems, and increase your intelligence, cognitive abilities, and cognitive function

Step 7: Valuing your life

You must know those smart people, a new partner or a project will share your part of life, which is valuable. You are ready to set traits and share your life’s precious moments with others or the other person or projects. Apply your brain function and take decisions accordingly.

How to be a smart man?

Let’s learn how you can apply the above steps to make smarter and more intelligent decisions regarding your business proposal. 

Step 1: Accessing your Consciousness

Instead of behaving as per your mind (brain)patterns, connect with your consciousness and get access to your inner guide, your “Inner GPS.” Your Inner GPS knows what is the best decision and action for you.  

Step 2: Valuing your Time, Money, and Energy

Envisage the impact of your time, money, and energy involved in executing the responsibilities associated with the business proposal. 

Step 3: Envisaging a Situation

Moving into the pros and cons of the business proposal from multiple dimensions – Whether both parties are in a win-win situation. Whether accepting the proposal serves you in the long term and adds value to your conscious intelligence.

Step 4: Not Listening to your Mind

Not listening to your limited knowledge or what your brain patterns in your mind or what your mind thinks based on previous experiences or facts, beliefs, conditioning, and limitations. 

Step 5: Acting in the Present Moment

Acting entirely in the present with your power and intelligence to know the benefits of accepting the business proposal for your career and wealth

Step 6: Making Productive Decisions

Accept the business proposal only if it adds value to your life in terms of your time, money, and energy being utilized productively and more efficiently.

Step 7: Valuing your Life

You must know that if you accept the new business proposal, it will occupy a valuable part of your life. Accept the business proposal only if based on your intelligence you are ready to invest your life’s precious moments in this business proposal happily. Make the final decision accordingly.

how to be a smart man?

Transformation into a smarter and more intelligent man is not overnight work. You must be persistent and forthcoming in your attitude and efforts to take the plunge. 

You can work on yourself with the help of experts and the intelligence of smart people to work with you and on you for your transformation into a dynamic new man. 

You can take my help you to the point:

  • If you want to know how to not listen to your mind/brain?
  • How to remove the limiting beliefs and imagination of your mind?

I will help you:

  • Get rid of your mental blockages and patterns based on beliefs, conditioning, and the debris of unwanted information in your working memory.
  • To access your consciousness and intelligence by reading your Inner GPS.
  • Suggest some action plans you can apply in your life, and increase your ability to gain more insights, to see the difference. 
  • Transform into a practically wise man and learn from smart people. 

You can change and transform into a smarter, more innovative, and more intelligent man at any moment, and that moment could be now. 


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