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How to Invest in Education? Post-Formal Education Secrets

IGG Sanju

Are you finding it challenging to focus on studying after your post-formal education?

In today’s rapidly changing world, traditional forms of education may no longer be sufficient to prepare you for success. 

Post-formal education, which focuses on developing critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability skills, is becoming increasingly important for you. 

Investing in post-formal education can bring significant benefits, both for you to adapt to the dynamic expansion and growth in the world. However, some challenges need to be overcome to maximize these benefits.

In this article, you will learn to explore the challenges, opportunities, and strategies for investing in post-formal education. 

Challenges of Post-Formal Education:

Challenge No1:Not being able to focus

The most important challenge faced by you and many students when you/ they pass out from high school is about being able to focus: 

  • You cannot concentrate on your studies like a student. 
  • Your energy is diverted and disintegrated in multiple directions.
  • When you are not in the student league, whether you have completed high school or graduated, you somehow are thrown into the world. 
  • Money and work are dominating factors or the drive towards anyone to work. 
  • The sense of studenthood or being a learner fades away when you go into the external world.
  • You get exposed to people or the environment where everyone is working to earn their livelihood or to grow in life in the professional field. 
  • Your mind as a learner or a student experiences a shift from a learner to a worker. 

Learner and worker are two aspects that are different and most challenging for you as a young adult. 

Challenge No 2: Brain finds you in danger

Earning and creating a career immediately after being a student is the most important challenge for you and your brain. Your brain is not accustomed to the shift from a student to a worker and the external environment of the world.

Your brain cannot figure out what is happening because your brain perceives that:

  • It is a kind of threat. 
  • It is a danger for you to be exposed to the external world. 

It happens to you and most students when they become adults:

  • Suddenly they find themselves alone in the worldly jungle. 
  • The world seems like a forest where different kinds of animals exist.
  • You are under constant threat to save yourself from these animals.

The above is not a psychological problem for you or any student. On the contrary, it is a real fact that the human brain is transforming. You must work on the solutions to this problem rather than getting trapped in the mental chaos created in you.

Challenge No 3: Activation of the sympathetic nervous system due to constant stress 

When you begin working and leave your study, you put your brain in danger and release the stress hormone cortisol. 

Please do not put your brain in a dangerous situation where it will start releasing the stress hormone cortisol in you. 

First damage: When cortisol is released in your system for longer, your sympathetic nervous system is activated. 

Second damage: When your sympathetic nervous system is activated, all your systems in the body start dysfunctioning. 

Challenge No 4: Deterioration of your health

If you become aware of this challenge that if you do not take care of your reading habit, then there is a possibility of that discontinuation to: 

  • Affect your health badly, making you stressed and in fear. 
  • The fear is not from your mind. It is from your brain producing signals of the fight, flight, or freeze mode all the time due to your one habit of not studying or reading books.

These are the causes and challenges of continuing your studies even after you clear your boards or graduate.

Opportunities And Strategies to Master the Challenges of Post-Formal Education: 

To overcome the challenges of post-formal education, you need to gear up to take some concrete actions in this direction.

The following steps will help you master the challenges: 

Step 1: Silence the mind

The first step is to silence the mind and to shut up the mind in a manner that it stops giving you disturbing signals that it has collected from beliefs that:

  • You must work after a particular age and earn after passing out your boards.
  • After graduating, you need to earn for your family and other things. 

Change your beliefs by telling your mind that you will continue with your studies no matter what comes. You can still invest in studying and researching if you need to earn for your survival. 

Step 2: Devote at least two hours to studying, reading, and researching every day

To invest in yourself, in studying and reading books, make sure that: 

  • You devote at least one or two hours daily to studying, researching, and reading something meaningful for you and your profession. 
  • You have twenty-four hours of the day. You still have sixteen hours to live if you soundly sleep for eight hours. 
  • Out of those sixteen hours, if you work even eight hours, eight more are left to do other things that will keep your health well. 
  • In this way, you can work in areas to create wealth
  • You will also be able to maintain your relationships in the best way. 

The best way to bring balance to your life and overcome the challenges which come with aging are: 

  • Six hours of investment in health, wealth, and relationships.
  • Two hours for reading, researching, and studying. 

Step 3: Continue or join some skill-based course or study curriculum

The best part of investment in studying, researching, and reading is: 

  • It gives you a definite way. 
  • It opens up the opportunity for more learning and growing exponentially in all aspects of your life. 

To get the above benefits, you are suggested to continue with the following: 

  • Some courses or courses which will help you to learn new skills.
  • New skills will enable you to read more about a particular area or a skill that will give you a cushion when you create a resume for yourself for professional work. 

Step 4: Keep yourself engaged

If you want to bring about a gradual shift or a gradual change in your transformative years from being a student to becoming a worker or a professional: 

  • Do not leave your studies immediately after passing out at whatever stage you are.
  • If you are doing your graduation, keep in touch with your studies or read and research different avenues of life through different means.

Maximizing the Benefits of Investing in Post-Formal Education

You can be a learner for your entire life. Only you need to be aware and interested in studying and researching to grow. 

How can you take my help to help yourself to read, study or research in specific areas?

If you are finding it difficult to locate in which area to study, research, and invest your time, money, and energy: 

  • You can connect to me and take my help and guidance. 
  • By reading your Inner GPS, I will help you with your potential career, the milestones, and the action plans required. 
  • Once you know your potential career, you can start investing in reading, studying, and researching in that direction. 
  • Reading, studying, and researching will enable you to save the time, money, and energy you would otherwise have expended in confusion and create more confusion in your mind. 
  • When the mind is in confusion, it does not allow you to do anything in your life. 
  • Your confused mind does not allow you to focus on any work when it is confusing. 

The best way to get rid of confusion is clarity. Once you get the clarity, you will know exactly:

  • What to study?
  • When to study?
  • How much to study?
  • In what way to study? 

Studying itself will give you the energy and the reason to study more. 

For any further insights and clarity, I am here. You can connect and get yourself into the tune of being a learner for your entire life. 


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