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What Causes People to Feel Like They Are ‘Not Themselves’ When They Have a Spiritual/ Kundalini Awakening?

IGG Avadhut

People feel like Ego, they are someone, a personality with features.

More importantly they identify themselves as human beings.

No other species apart from human beings have ego because they do not have an egoic mind.

All other species follow only what they feel as a living being and live their life naturally.

Only human beings live an egoic life and create Karmas.

What are Karmas?

Karmas are nothing but egoic energies filled with Vasanas and Vikaras locked in your mind carried forward to this birth from millions of years of accumulating it.

Egoic human beings do not know that they are energy at the core.

When Spiritual/ Kundalini Awakening happens, Kundalini transmutes your energy invested in ego identification to pure energy (vapour merging with universal energy).


When you heat ice (ego’s energy), ice becomes water and eventually water vapour that merges in the air and space.

You don’t question where the ice has gone. The water cycle in nature has been based on this natural phenomenon.

Similarly, Kundalini is the divine Shakti energy that works on your dense condensed energy as a mind-ego complex.

They have Ego identification (ice condensed as a body-mind) with themselves.

Kundalini burns itself to produce the heat required to burn and transmute the energy locked in the ego- identification to convert it into light divine energies of love, peace and joy.

The heat of Kundalini is similar to the heat at the core of the Sun and even more than that because Kundalini works on transmuting the dense egoic energy of millions of years of identification with your “something”, that is not you.

You are pure Consciousness operating as a human being but you have identified yourself as something unreal.

Kundalini breaks your illusion from living a relative reality to live an absolute reality – Consciousness itself.

IGG Secret Explanation:

Disclaimer: The following equation is used for explanation purposes because spiritual explanation needs articulation from various subjects of study that your ego- mind understands.

Kundalini is like a Heat Electrified Energy that does the work of C2 in the following equation of Albert Einstein:

E = mc^2


E = Energy (pure energy of consciousness)

m= Matter (Mind/ ego)

c^2 (C square) = Speed of light squared (Kundalini’s transformative heat energy)

Kundalini’s heat energy working like the speed of light squared to convert matter into pure energy.

Though, science has not reached what Kundalini Awakening has been doing since ages.

The above explanation is drawn from the energetic equation that is beyond the understanding of a logical ignorant mind.

If you are going through a Kundalini Awakening journey and want to experience ego’s dissolution then my Inner GPS Activation – Shaktipat (energy transmutation) works in the same way.

Through my Inner GPS Activation, you go into the state of absolute consciousness and thereafter if you operate from that space, then your Kundalini Awakening journey is facilitated.

In most of my sessions, a seeker says that- “It took me time to identify with who I am as a human being. I am feeling more like pure consciousness and feeling that I am free from all that I have been identified with“.

That is why, when a person is going through a Spiritual/ Kundalini Awakening, they feel they are not themselves.


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