What Is the Dark Side of Kundalini? 

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini awakening is also known as the “Dark Night of the Soul”.

The dark side of Kundalini Awakening is that it brings with it 360° transformation in your life filled with challenges on the:

  1. Physical level: Your health deteriorates to the highest extent, fatigued, exhaustion, burning sensations, insomnia for years, you lie bedridden not knowing when the dark night will end.
  2. Emotional level: You get panic attacks of emotional outbursts every now and then. Sometimes you keep on crying for days, months and cannot bear the burden of living a human life. Kundalini sometimes becomes a trauma for you.
  3. Mental level: Your old conditioned mind stops functioning. You cannot do your daily tasks using your old mind, you cannot communicate with people in your old patterned way. You begin speaking the truth and the world abandons you for being so truthful.
  4. Intellectual level: Your ego shatters because none of the knowledge gained in human life seems useful to you in passing through this challenging journey. You feel lost in space and your ego dies every moment.
  5. Social level: You feel uprooted from the society and world you live in. Often you are thrown into the unknown world away from your city, country or continent. Society feels like a jail to you.
  6. Existential level: You feel extremely unsafe, ungrounded and restless. Your sense of survival on planet earth becomes challenging and you feel like committing suicide to leave this body. You lose money, family, relationships, friends and everything that you feel you own or are yours. You feel extremely lonely and depressed.
  7. Spiritual level: You are always in search of your Spiritual Master/ Guru but you don’t find him. You keep on meeting many Yogis, Meditators, Spiritual Teachers to help you but you are disappointed with every meeting. The Guru does not appear until you have suffered enough.
  8. Energetic level: This level is the extreme test of your energetic journey. You have near death experiences, out of body experiences and you cannot feel your physical body. Most of the time you are electrified with energy, you break things, gadgets stop working in your presence, unconventional and mystical experiences begin happening in your life. You lose sanity. Your brain cannot process these high energetic experiences.

There are more dark sides of Kundalini that will take lives to explain.

But ignoring the dark side means you are running away from the challenges that the divine Kundalini Shakti energy poses on you to free you one day.

The bright side of Kundalini is that you reach Moksha one day.


  • IGG Avadhut

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