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Is There Any Way I Can Avoid Having My Kundalini Rise Without Going Through Trauma or Pain?

IGG Avadhut

Yes, there is a way that you can adapt to facilitate your Kundalini rising without going through Trauma and Pain.

That path or route is the way of 100% surrender to the Kundalini Shakti energy.

But the problem and the obstacle in that path is that your Ego-identification will pose resistance to the process.

Vipassana Meditation is one of the ways of surrendering to the Divine Shakti energy by allowing you to cleanse your energy channels.

Some may complete this process of surrendering well and help Kundalini to process and rise further.

But those who resist even in this technique or method have no other way to bypass their traumatic experience and suffering during the Kundalini Awakening journey.

Is There Any Way I Can Avoid Having My Kundalini Rise Without Going Through Trauma or Pain?

Here are some ways or perspectives that will help you understand how to surrender:

  1. Kundalini will uproot you from your home, city, country or continent by externally creating events that lead to you leaving your place of residence at the Root Chakra. When that happens, accept it and move on with your Inner GPS.
  2. You may be or feel disconnected with your spouse, parents, siblings, family members, relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and society at the Sacral Chakra. When that happens, do not resist the process. Accept it whole-heartedly and move on to new connections and energies.
  3. You may lose your job, incur loss in business, lose all your money or have to shut down your business. Kundalini settles your Karmic accounts and that includes financial aspects as well at the Solar Plexus. Accept it and ask your Inner GPS, what next.
  4. Kundalini will block your heart to share your energy of love with everyone in your present life in the Heart Chakra. It will push you towards greater reality. You will be naturally drawn towards healing animals, strangers, and your love towards nature will magnify. Facilitate this phase by going with the flow.
  5. You will start speaking the truth at the Throat Chakra level, however harsh it may sound. Don’t block your energy of expression. Speak what you feel and be free from the energy of suppression. Don’t judge yourself even if it hurts others because you have spoken the truth. This way you are one with the Kundalini rising and flowing with it to suffer less.
  6. Kundalini will rise further to your Third Eye and begin giving you intuitive signals and intelligence. Don’t question it. Just follow the signals however difficult it may seem or unconventional it may feel to you. It will take you to the unknown, just follow your Inner GPS.
  7. At the Crown Chakra, Kundalini will break your ego, the identification with the false personality, role that you play, the character that you play in the drama of the world. Kundalini will kill your ego of Human Being and free you from your mind by burning all the beliefs, conditioning, neural pathways.
  8. At the next stage, you need a Guru to surrender to. You have to surrender to the internal Guru, Kundalini as well as the external Guru – Your Spiritual Master to complete your Karmas and lead you to ultimate freedom- Moksha– Enlightenment.

So surrender is the highest route of reducing suffering depending on how intensely you surrender.

If you have any new questions, you can ask me.


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