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What Is the Role of a Spiritual Master? Secrets Revealed

IGG Sanju

what is the role of a spiritual master?

The role of a spiritual master or spiritual Guru is to show you the hope and the light of the life force, which is your divine gift of human birth. Your relationship with your spiritual master is already destined energetically and functions on the laws of divine relationship.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Who is a spiritual master?
  • How does the human form evolve and learn?
  • Who is an absolute spiritual master?
  • Why do you need a spiritual master to progress in your life? 
  • What stops you from self-enquiry?
  • What is the role of a spiritual master?
  • Who is your spiritual master?

Who is a spiritual master?

Before reading this article, close your eyes and sit in silence for a moment and become aware of who you are.

This stillness, with which I have begun, is the stillness of grabbing your attention towards the wisdom I will share for you exclusively from the source, the spiritual teacher or master itself.

1. Spiritual transformer:

The spiritual master or your spiritual Guru is your gift. He/she is the one who is a spiritual transformer. He/she: 

  • Transforms you to the point of the irreversible journey
  • Knows everything about you immediately
  • Knows how to handhold you in a direct way
  • Teaches you to be a better person, to become a better human being, and to evolve in your evolutionary journey as a human being.

2. Shiva and Shakti energy (energy of soul):

A true spiritual master has both the element of Shiva and Shakti energy. 

  • He/she is the combination of both motherly love (Shakti) and fatherly love (Shiva) and qualities that come inherent to him/her or due to the stage at which they have reached
  • A spiritual master is total and complete
  • He/she has walked the spiritual path
  • He/she knows how to tap the potential energy you require for your evolutionary progress

3. Human guide, friend, and guardian angel:

The role of a spiritual master has always been important in learning and growing as a human being, as a human form, since the beginning of our evolution.

He/she has always played the role of a human guide, friend, and guardian angel in the evolutionary journey of human beings.

When you look into the journey of Homo Sapiens from its origin, you will find that:

  • Humans have always learned with the assistance of a teacher, an instructor, or a guardian from all walks of life.
  • The human form is not unlike other forms in the context of learning on their own in real-time.


Let us take the example of animals. Whether domestic or wild animals, they have their inherent Guru, their inherent spiritual master, in-built into them. They know how to follow that Guru, that inbuilt spiritual master to guide them in real-time:

  • How to eat food
  • How to protect themselves from danger
  • How to be unitedly in one with the nature around them
  • How to cure themselves when they fall sick

How does the human form evolve and learn?

The human form is the most tender in terms of learning from nature. At the same time, the human form is the most intelligent and evolved.

1. Nature:

The relationship between human beings and nature cannot be ignored. Nature is the first teacher of human beings before even birth-giving parents.

2. Parents:

You know that as every human being when you are born, your first spiritual master is your parents in the form of a father and mother who take care of you for about 18 to 20 years of your age till:

  • You become an adult to function in this world independently
  • You want to explore the possibilities of growing further

3. Teachers, instructors, trainers, and masters:

The best part of the human form and civilization is that you have all the infrastructure to grow as human beings in the form of family, parents, teachers, instructors, and trainers from different walks of your life.

Who is an absolute spiritual master?

To know who is an absolute spiritual master, I will explain to you briefly:

  • What is the role of a teacher in your life? 
  • What is the part played by an instructor in your life? 
  • What is the role of a trainer in your life? 
  • How is a spiritual master different from all those who provide you with knowledge or teach you a skill?

1. Teacher:

A teacher teaches or hands you the knowledge that others have already invented or discovered. A teacher makes you practice the known science or art behind the teaching.

2. Instructor:

An instructor comes into the picture when you are learning some skill, and he guides you through the steps or methods required for learning any technology or skill. But it is again devised by someone else and has a structured program.

3. Trainer:

A trainer comes to help you when you are in your professional, progressive environment to teach you the methods or the system that an organization has developed over time. Your training will work in your favor to make you more efficient in your professional profile.

4. Absolute spiritual master:

As you progress, when your personal and professional life is fully functional, you need an absolute spiritual master to transform you, the person, and your personality.

An absolute spiritual master is one who has reached the divine pinnacle of the evolutionary journey.

  • He/She is the absolute reality and has realized the absolute truth
  • He/She is a sacred and divine gift beyond science and physical teaching
  • He/She is a pure and practical human God (in terms of intelligence)
  • He/She is the master of spirituality and can transform his/her disciples

Why do you need a spiritual master to progress in your life? 

Beyond your worldly desires and dreams, when you want to evolve more in your spiritual realm, your craving and quest for a spiritual master begin.

You need a spiritual master’s guidance to progress and get guidance in your life due to the following reasons:

1. Evolution:

When you evolve further, you feel that there is an inner urge:

  • To grow as a human being
  • To evolve more in your evolutionary existence
  • To know about the truth existing in this universe
  • To realize yourself as energy(soul) and disidentify from matter only

2. Self-realisation and self-awareness:

Beyond a certain point, when you are saturated in your life, you realize that:

  • Something is thriving in you in the form of a life force that keeps giving you signals and does not make you feel complacent with whatever you have
  • Your quest for self-realization and self-awareness starts budding in you like a seed germinating

This is where you get introduced to the spirit(soul) in you, the direct existential reality, and the Guru themselves because the Guru does not have any gender.

3. Meeting your inner Guru (consciousness/awareness):

The Guru, the spiritual master inside you, is formless awareness present in you. 

  • You are that consciousness operating in this body and is related to the faculty of mind-body and this spirit (soul/energy)
  • It would help if you delved deep to know who you are in its original form and center
  • This Guru in you is your “Inner GPS” that keeps guiding you throughout your life by giving you positive and negative signals at different times
  • Your Inner GPS prompts you for self-enquiry by hinting to you through energetic signals

What stops you from self-enquiry?

You cannot move ahead in self-enquiry due to your ignorance. You are unaware of these signals because:

  • You are ignorant
  • You know about this world and yourself from the perspective of the knowledge you have gained externally
  • You do not know the way to surrender
  • You have forgotten to be a learner and student

What is the role of a spiritual master?

When it comes to knowing about yourself and who you are at the core, the role of spiritual master becomes evident.

A spiritual master entering your life is like a divine intervention in the process of realizing your natural oneness and power.

There is a famous saying:

When the student or disciple is ready, the spiritual master appears.”

The role of your spiritual master is to progress in your life and to make you practical. He is the light and plays the following role:

1. Rescuer and torchbearer:

When you are eligible to grow as a human being, as a student (innocent like children), suddenly, you will find the presence of your spiritual master in the form of a Guru.

  • A person senses your problems and comes to rescue you from your troubles
  • The spiritual master appears like a torchbearer to the path you are walking
  • Your spiritual master accepts you unconditionally, the way you are without any judgments

2. Dynamic leader:

This path is unknown to you as a student or disciple, but not to the spiritual master.

The spiritual master knows the way, goes the way, and shows the real way like a dynamic leader.

3. Guardian and Guru:

Like a guardian and Guru, he/she takes the pain and the effort naturally to make you understand and teach you deep down:

  • What are you?
  • What are your qualities? 
  • What is your potential as a seed which can grow into a mega tree to bear more fruits as it grows?

Who is your spiritual master?

what is the role of a spiritual master?
IGG Avadhut

You have a limited mind with limited knowledge and sense about yourself and spirituality.

You operate in this world with those limited beliefs and conditions about yourself. Those limiting beliefs keep you limited in all senses.


Suppose you have been engaged in a job for ten years. But the potential seed in you, located by your Inner GPS, shows that you can become an entrepreneur.

The limited mind in which you have invested so much does not allow you to break your chains and become an entrepreneur.

1. Your exclusive Inner GPS Guru:

Only I, the spiritual master, can read your “Inner GPS” and locate the possible qualities in you and your life’s purpose.

  • To become an entrepreneur/ scientist/ musician/ creator or anything unique
  • To become a free spirit (soul), take the risk of going into the unknown
  • To live a happy life, be at peace with yourself, and be a successful person by becoming the creator of your destiny

2. Walk the path:

If you want to become the pure creator of your destiny, then you have to come out of your restrictive nature, beliefs, and mindset.

  • You have to walk the path of spirituality and energetic evolution as the spiritual master shows you.
  • You have to take action as a person and not limit yourself to words

3. Unconditional love:

The love of your spiritual master or divine teacher towards you is unconditional and pure. The spiritual master does not need anything from you, any other person, or this mortal world.

  • They are complete
  • They are total
  • They have godliness (qualities of God in human form)

4. Self-discovery:

You are invited to discover yourself through your spiritual master’s eyes and create your new world.

To know more about how you can find spiritual masters and teachings for your progress in life:

  • You can connect with me for one-on-one “Inner GPS” coaching.
  • I will guide you by reading your “Inner GPS” -how you can progress in your life, health, career, wealth, relationships, and spiritual developments. 

Stay tuned for more such insights and spiritual teachings and surrender to the energy like a disciple of the divine universe.

Life is calling, where are you?


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