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What Is Relationship? Discover the Secret Behind Relations

IGG Sanju

what is relationship

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is relationship?
  • How do relationships impact people?
  • Four (4) types of relationship
  • Three (3) things make a relationship
  • What a healthy relationship looks like?
  • What keeps a relationship going?
  • How do you grow a relationship?
  • What makes a relationship serious?
  • What’s the best relationship advice?
  • What do I do when I coach you for a relationship? 

What is relationship?

A relationship is an energetic exchange between you and others that you experience in the form of different roles you play as a human being.

In this article, I have explained to you the meaning of relationship energetically and also educated you on:

  • Is the relationship confined to your family members or your near relatives?
  • Is it the relationship that you share with each individual whom you meet on this planet Earth? 
  • How are the human relationships due to unfinished Karmic and energetic accounts?

Let me explain the concept of a relationship in terms of a business transaction. 

In business transactions, there are debtors and creditors. 

  • Debtors are the ones to whom you lend money. At the end of the financial year, you owe your money from the debtors.
  • Creditors are the ones from whom you borrow money. At the end of the financial year, you are about to pay the money to your creditors.

So all the transactions keep on happening throughout the year. 

  • Some debtors are settled in the financial year itself.
  • Some debtors are carried forward to the next financial year, depending on how much money you have received from the debtors.
  • Similarly, you settle the accounts of some creditors by paying them money in the financial year.
  • While some creditors are carried forward to the next financial year depending on how much money you are about to pay to the creditors. 

How do relationships impact people?

Relationships are Karmic and Energetic Transactions.

Likewise, in relationships, there are Karmic and energetic transactions between you and the people you meet after taking birth on this planet.

I will explain how it operates from family members to relatives, friends, to society, and the world (strangers). 

4 types of relationship

1. Relationship with family members, friends, or relatives:

Let’s take an example of a family with a father, mother, son, and daughter. 

Suppose you are the son and are related to your father, mother, and sister.

  • In this world, you are your parents’ son and your sister’s brother. 
  • But not necessarily you were both son and brother, or you were the family member of this family in your previous birth.
  • Relations you get in this birth are the carried forward transactions of your previous birth. 

You are a free spirit, taking different births and traveling different lives. So what you see in this life is not confined to this life alone:

  • You are on a soul’s journey, traveling through the evolutionary phases of human evolution.
  • At each birth, you get to settle your Karmic accounts with the people given to you as your family member, your friends, your relatives, and society. 

2. Relationship with strangers:

Sometimes it is connected to strangers too. 

Have you ever wondered when you meet a stranger sometimes, you feel like you have known them for ages?

 There are many cases when people feel connected to strangers like they have known each other for years.

Why is it so? 

Because they have Karmic connections in the previous birth and this birth, they are meeting to settle those Karmic accounts. 

Three(3 ) things make a relationship

1. Relationships are Karmic Accounts- Cause and Effect:

When I talk about relationships as Karmic accounts, it is all about cause and effect.

 In each transaction that you share with a person:

  • Someone is the giver in that situation, and the other person is the receiver. 
  • If you are giving some service to your person, then you are giving a part of your energy to that person in the form of service. 
  • You are getting money in return for that service, which is the financial transaction I am talking about. 

2. Relationships through negative energies:

There is an energetic transaction between you and the other person. There is an energetic connection between you and the other person in the form of different energy forms. 

What are the different energy forms that you can relate to a person?

  • The different energy forms begin from the mind level. As it grows higher, it goes to higher energy levels. 
  • The lower energies are fear, blame, sadness, anger, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy, hatred and despair.
  • Primarily the nature of these lower energies is negative, constituting the mind. 
  • The composition of mind is in you, and it is in every other person. 

When you connect to a person on a mind level:

  • You show anger, and the other person reacts to it. The other person may react to it in the form of anger. If you do so, then there will be arguments. There will be fights between you and the other person. 
  • Suppose you are operating from anger, and the other person is operating from fear. In that case, there will be suppression from the other person. 
  • Likewise, if another person is angry and you are operating from fear, you will suppress your energy. 

All these energies are suppressed in our energetic bodies, called minds. As long as they are stuck: 

  • They keep traveling from birth to birth through different individuals, and with different personalities, they are lodged in your subconscious.
  • These stuck energetic remain in your subconscious and your energetic, subtle body until it gets free. 

3. Relationships through positive energies:

Likewise, love, compassion, peace, joy, bliss, gratitude, and trust are positive emotions. 

All these are also in you:

  • You connect to your loved ones with these higher energies. 
  • You express your love, sometimes you get love in return, and sometimes you do not get it.
  • You connect with people through positive energies and create strong bonds in life.

What a healthy relationship looks like?

What is relationship

Connections through positive energies are primarily on the spirit (energy) level, and these energies also get carried forward in different births.

  • Suppose, in your previous births, you have unconditionally loved someone, and that person could not reciprocate the love towards you. In that case, there is a possibility that you will meet someone at this birth who loves you unconditionally.
  • Similarly, you will love someone unconditionally, but you will not receive the same quality of love exchange with this person in this birth because of Karmic non-settled accounts.

What keeps a relationship going?

Energetic Transaction is your Reality:

When you analyze how you operate with other people: 

  • You will know that in each transaction, some energetic exchange is happening all the time. 
  • There is never a moment when no energetic exchange happens. 
  • We call emotion that we get emotionally connected to people all about these energies.

I am not terming all these as emotional because emotional again is an abused word in my sense. Emotion is all about drama; I am not talking only about drama.

I am talking beyond that. I am bringing to your notice that whether you like or you do not like: 

  • You have to transact in this world with every people you meet.
  • Whether a stranger, for regular grocery, any business transaction, or with a driver. 
  • You are meeting different people for different reasons most of the time. 
  • Not necessarily; you will be related to them for a more extended period.

But all your energetic transactions happen between you and that person, and it is also the energetic transaction of that person with you. 

What’s the best relationship advice?

Become Energetically Wise:

To become energetically wise is the best way to operate in this world because:

  • All the time, you are in an energetic exchange with people.
  • You are depleted if you do not know how to handle people with lower energies. 
  • Whenever you come in contact with people with lower or negative energies, all your energy gets drained automatically. 

Your positive energy gets drained- Why?

Your positive energy gets drainedbecause:

According to the law of energy in terms of how it exists (I am not talking in terms of science. I am talking in terms of how it exists):

“When a positive energy comes in contact with negative energy, then the positive energy starts flowing naturally to the negative energy.

In this case, the negative energy gets more robust, and the positive energy gets depleted. 

  • You radiate higher if you are doing yoga, and meditation, and living a peaceful, contented, and joyful life. If you are happy, you are radiating higher. 
  • Those who are angry, those who are jealous, and those with lower energies all the time lack energy. 
  • Because the nature of negative energy is so dense that it keeps them heavy, and they keep positive craving energies. 

What makes a relationship serious?

The nature of lower energies is like parasites.

What happens when a parasite attacks you? 

A parasite attacks the host and feeds on the host’s body. Likewise, negative energies and people with negative energies around you:

So these energies are in connection with every person who is in your life. It could be your family, friends, relatives, society if you are related to any educational institution or professional institution, or your colleagues. So all the people come under this relationship. 

What do I do when I coach you for a relationship? 

I ask you questions about people who are troubling you the most. 

  • I guide you through your inner GPS, who will be with you in the long- term and who you are in the short term.
  • I also give you the wisdom of how to deal with such people practically.
  • I help you to keep your energy conserved for your purpose.
  • If your energy is conserved, you will focus more on yourself, your personal growth, your career, your health, your wealth, and your life. 
  • But suppose you keep giving or depleting your energy to unnecessary people. In that case, unwanted people in your life will become frustrated and depressed because they have already robbed you of your valuable energies. 

So this is just an overview of how people are related to you:

  • Family relationships or blood relationship having emotional connection
  • Romantic relationships or romantic feelings
  • Social or business relationship or formal contractual relationship, work relationships having mutual dealings
  • Larger national family relationships

If you need personal guidance on any relationship problem you are facing with your wife, your spouse, your children, family, parents, friends, relatives, or anyone in this world:

  • You can contact me for personal coaching. 
  • If you have any questions, you can ask me.
  • You can share your issues with me. 
  • It will be confidential between you and me.
  • I will empower you to deal with such people.
  • You will learn to invest in yourself in the most profound way through which you will radiate higher. 

Relationships are an integral part of your life as a human being. As long as you are alive in this birth, you have certain energetic connections with other human beings. Once you develop the art of managing your energy, you will learn the art of managing people’s energy related to you. 


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