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Can You Awaken Kundalini through Shaktipat? 

IGG Avadhut

Are you here seeking the answer for: 

Can you awaken Kundalini through Shaktipat? 

The answer is yes or no.

Shaktipat is energy transmission.

It is a very powerful energy transmission from Guru to student.

Now the same Kundalini which is flowing in the Guru is flowing in the student as well.

The frequency, the power matters a lot. 

The Kundalini in Guru wants to uplift or raise the student.

Now if the person is not destined to be free in this life in that case also:  

Can the Guru Awaken the Kundalini of the Student? 

The answer is no.  

He cannot.

Neither the Guru nor any way like Yoga or any other technique, or meditation will not help the student to awaken the Kundalini in him.

First Scenario 

The reason is when you take the last birth, in that birth:

  • Kundalini Awakens and it clears all your Karmas.
  • Since it is your last birth, you are supposed to be free.
  • Then K moves through all the chakras and unites with Shiva and then the person is free.

This is the main scenario.

Second Scenario 

In another scenario when the person has too many Karmas and one life is not enough to complete the Karmas then in that case the guru can facilitate already awakened Kundalini

It means he can help the student integrate Mind- Body- Soul and after Shaktipat, the student can feel integrated.

Most of the time, his Karmas are cleared to a certain extent in every Shaktipat. 

What Happens with my Shaktipat?

Shaktipat leads to Stillness

My experience is whenever I give Shaktipat to the people whose Kundalini is already awake they feel integrated.  

Their physical symptoms get reduced whether they are going through issues like schizophrenia, dementia, fibromyalgia, fatigue or low energy, after every session they feel better.

What does it mean?

It means the integration is happening in their body because of Shaktipat.

Now the Guru knows what magnitude, what the capacity is required for the student at that time to move ahead in the Kundalini journey.

Why Is Shaktipat Given? 

Shaktipat is never given to acquire material wealth or to complete desires.

Please be clear about it if you really want to be a spiritual teacher.

  • If you want to increase your spiritual evolution, Shaktipat can be given.
  • Shaktipat session is ideally suited for people who are going through Kundalini Awakening.
  • Those people who are not going through Kundalini Awakening but are going through health issues,  my sessions are particularly helpful for them as well.
  • I have seen miraculous results when they are good receivers for the Shaktipat.

If you feel you are ready for the Shaktipat then ask yourself- 

Am I ready to surrender everything including the knowledge which I have gained so far about Shaktipat or Spiritual Awakening?

I ask my students to come to me for a Shaktipat session or even for a doubt clearing session with their slate completely free of any past learning.

The reason is as long as your mind is active you cannot take the powerful Shaktipat session.

How Long Is the Shaktipat Session? 

The Shaktipat is ideally for 30 to 45 minutes.

After Shaktipat, I normally ask students to rest for 15 to 20 minutes at least.

In some cases,it is my experience that people want to be relaxed for 30 to 45 minutes more after the session.


That is required. 

Benefits of My Shaktipat

Shaktipat is for integration.

Through my Shaktipat, I take them or take you to the state where I am currently and forever I live there.

I stay there. That is my permanent home. The Samadhi, where it is beyond time. I stay there and I take you there just to experience that you are nothing.

You are beyond your body. Beyond ego. 


When you experience that state you experientially understand who you are and that is like a jump start.

When do you give the jump start? 

When your car is broken. When your car is not moving and your battery is down. You ask the garage mechanic to give your car a jump start.

The jump start is given to the car and the car is again on the road running.

Through my Shaktipat, I do the same thing.

Misconceptions/ Myth About Shaktipat

Whether you are ready for the Shaktipat or not I have this session for you.

  • If you feel you are not ready
  • You have a lot of confusion
  • You have heard from here and there
  • You have read from the books that Shaktipat may create issues.

No. Everything is a myth. 

The truth is Shaktipat, no real Shaktipat can give any side effects to a person.

Do You Need Shaktipat or Not? 

Please be clear about it: 

How can you know whether you need a Shaktipat or not?

First of all if you have taken efforts to come out of your mental and physical issues by using the outside world methods like going to:

  • Doctors 
  • Psychiatrist 
  • Therapists 
  • Yoga Teachers 

And even after that you are not free of your mental and physical issues.

Then you are the right candidate to take Shaktipat.

Healing Benefits of Shaktipat

Shaktipat has miraculous healing benefits.

  1. One is for Kundalini facilitation
  2. The second is for health whether it is mental or emotional or physical healing.
  3. If you are stuck in your career then this will integrate you. Productive or business ideas will start flowing in your mind.

Your mind is there. Your body is somewhere else and your spirit is here.

So the integration part is required to be one and take decisions from that state.

What Do You Need for Shaktipat? 

To receive Shaktipat I suggest my students:

  • Come in loose clothes, 
  • Give one to two hours time without taking anything in their mind.
  • Keep the phone aside and keep on silent mode
  • Surrender to the universal energy

Kundalini is the universal energy so you are surrendering to the universal energy.

Once you surrender everything, Kundalini universal energy starts flowing in you, for you. 

What Is the Obstacle in Receiving Shaktipat? 

Make way for the universal energy to come into your lives and kick the ego out.

Your ego is the issue and Shaktipat is the solution.

How Many Shaktipat Do I Need? 

Now the question is how many Shaktipat you need.

In my previous videos I have mentioned. 

If you watch my above IGG- Verified Energy Vortex – Kaziranga Western Zone video, I have mentioned that if someone takes 100 Shaktipat a year and he goes to 100 such energy vortexes in a year, his Kundalini Journey will skyrocket.

Not one or two Shaktipat will do.

The initiation part is given by the Guru in the traditional spiritual world.

If you have seen, if you do not do Sadhana or practise spiritual practice for you after taking one Shaktipat, it’s of no use to you.

It’s literally of no use to you so keep doing the Sadhana, whatever your Guru is telling you.

After Shaktipat, you need to take multiple Shaktipat and after every every Shaktipat, you will see raising of your energy and when it rises from lower Chakras to higher Chakras slowly and level by level you will start seeing changes in internal and outside world as well health, wealth, relationships.

Shaktipat – Way to the Divine

Wherever you are stuck the energy will start growing and you  will want to go inward.

Kundalini is an inward journey.

There’s no one in the world to guide us about the inward world, the inside world. 

The Matrix is outside.

Kundalini is inside. Kundalini wants to take you to the inside world. The outside world is over.

The Matrix is over, finished for you.

There are billions of people to help you in this Matrix in the outside  world.

On the inside, there is only a Guru who can help you because Guru is already inside.

He is not outside.

From here, inside, he is telling you he, pulling you from the Matrix.

It is a very difficult journey to overcome.

Because it is an energetic move. An energetic move is required.

The person does not have energy to come to the inside world because huge energy is required.

Key Takeaways

Can You Awaken Kundalini through Shaktipat? 

1. Shaktipat Transmission

Guru imparts Kundalini energy through Shaktipat, but its effectiveness depends on the destined spiritual path of the student.

2. Kundalini Awakening Scenarios

Kundalini awakens in the last birth for ultimate freedom; otherwise, the Guru facilitates integration for those with substantial karma.

3. Integration and Healing:

Shaktipat aids in mind-body-soul integration, alleviating physical symptoms and fostering a sense of well-being.

4. Shaktipat Suitability

Shaktipat is ideal for spiritual seekers and those undergoing Kundalini Awakening or health issues, emphasizing surrender and a clear mental slate.

5. Frequency of Shaktipat Sessions

Multiple Shaktipat sessions are recommended for sustained Kundalini growth, with post-session spiritual practice crucial for ongoing benefits.

How Can We Help You? 

What Investments Are Required for Kundalini? 

Your time, money, and energy is required to come inside.

Kundalini will take your time, your money, your energy. 

I am ready to share and help you with: 

  • Kundalini Guidance
  • Shaktipat
  • Kundalini related mental health issues, physical health issues

My team and I are well equipped. We have done our Kundalini journey and we are inside.

My team and I are here in the inside universe. 

I guarantee you that no one here in the outside world is ready to help because no one knows the inside universe. 

No one knows that you are going through the Kundalini journey. So nobody will help you despite their good intentions.

This is about the Shaktipat session.

  • I will clear your doubts 
  • I will answer your questions in my subsequent videos

Me and my team are offering 15 Minutes Video Consultation for the people who are going through Kundalini related issues


Here is the link to the Session: 

Powerful Kundalini Awakening Coaching by Kundalini Masters

So check that and you can contact us.

Have a nice day and enjoy your life!


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