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What is energy healing?

Energy healing is about healing you energetically.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is energy healing? 
  • Why do you need energy healing? 
  • What kind of deficit do you experience as a mind-body?
  • How does Karma drain your energy?
  • Why do you feel like spending money by wasting your energy?
  • What are the benefits of energy healing?
  • How can you become highly productive through energy healing? 
  • How will you feel when you are energetically healed?

These three questions I am going to cover these today one by one. I was hoping you could pay full attention to what I am saying because this dimension of looking at your existence is new to you. 

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is the energy cleansing process that I do to clear all your energetic blockages on different levels of your life force to make your energy flow.

Your body, mind, and spirit are not highly productive because there are many energetic blockages:

  • Due to the accumulation of too many toxicities
  • Due to energetic disturbances that you encounter in your day-to-day life

1. Body:

Energetic healing clears all the blockages and pain in your system or your existence on the body level:

  • By purifying your blood
  • By purifying your breath
  • By purifying all the toxicities which you are carrying right now

2. Mind:

Your mind is full of negativity and negative energies that block your system, and do not let it function most efficiently. Energy healing clears your mental health conditions and brings positivity to your energy field.

3. Spirit(Soul):

Your spirit is carrying Karmic debris from your previous birth, lodged in your individual chakra (energy vortex)and those need to be cleared to live an integrated, happy, and blissful life. 

Being an Inner GPS Energy Healer,  I clear your energies directly in my online coaching session with you, and I also give you an action plan that involves some ancient natural ways on which you can act personally to clear your energetic blockages. 

Those who are in their Kundalini Awakening journey, it is in the direct Shaktipat from me, the the Guru to you to process your Kundalini energy.

Why Do You Need Energy Healing?

Inner GPS Gurus Energy Healing

Energy healing is the most needed for you because you are accustomed to hostile forces and elements.

Trust me, energy healing works when subtle energy is involved that cannot be cured by clinical or medical treatment. Your energy field is disturbed due to toxicity:

  • In the form of pollution
  • In the form of negativity 
  • In the form of suppression of emotions in you at different times of your living on this planet 

What kind of deficit do you experience as a mind-body?

You are today, nature deficit and, at the same time, energy deficit due to the flow of energy. I will explain these two things to you so that you get clarity on the following:

  • What is a nature deficit, and how is it affecting you on an energy level?
  • What is an energy deficit that results from your passive and not-so-active lifestyle?

1. Nature Deficit: 

You are naturally deficient in the sense that all the five elements of nature – earth, water, air, fire, and space element is not in the appropriate proportion which you need to live a healthy life and have the ability to heal. 

1. Lack of Pranic Energy:

You live mostly in cities, which are polluted with overpopulation and at the same time, there is a lack of pranic energy in the environment in which you live. 

2. Energy insufficiency:

Even if you go out in nature in a park or do your daily exercises in the morning or at night, the energy in the city and the intervention of a congested environment are not enough to make you energetically efficient. 

3. Food quality is low:

The food and the other components you intake are of low quality due to many factors, which are not energy efficient.

How to overcome nature deficiency?

  • You need to take in the required amount of natural elements to live a happy and healthy life. 
  • There is a dire need for you to be nature efficient and be in tune with the elements of nature existing on this planet using energy healers.
  • Even if you move out in nature, you need to learn how to optimally utilize the available resources and improve your quality of life.
  • You need to learn how to intake those elements in a way that will naturally heal you on your physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. 

2. Energy Deficit: 

When it comes to an energy deficit is in terms of your mental health and energy sucking all the powers of the spirit to be alive. 

1. Overactivated Mind:

The mind is too active and obsessed to function independently, like a servant who has taken ownership of the house and is not listening to the owner. 

2. Distractions:

There are too many distractions in the form of social media and in the form of additional gossip, news, and other things which keep your mind busy throughout the day. 

Why is it so? 

Because your mind is not getting the purified energy that it needs to function efficiently so that it can listen to your consciousness like a servant and serve you in the best possible way. 

On the energy level, you are drained of your spiritual energy, or the energy of the spirit, because you have many Karmic accounts to be settled, which is draining you emotionally, physically, and mentally due to:

  • The energy exchange happens between you and the people whom you meet on a day-to-day basis. 
  • Your energy of the spirit is constantly depleted because you did some Karma in your past birth, and those were not settled. 

How does Karma drain your energy?

Karma works on the principles of cause and effects draining your energy.

1. Physical And Emotional Trauma:

The cause-and-effect factor works in Karma and keeps you constantly draining your energy supply which you get from taking this birth, thus leading to physical and emotional traumas

  • You come with a constant supply of energy to settle all your Karmic accounts on a physical, mental, and energetic level. 
  • After settling or during settling those accounts, you get depleted of the source, which needs to be replenished by cleansing your system on different levels every day.

If you do not do this, what happens? 

2. Anxiety and depression:

Sometimes initially, you feel that for a few months:

  • You need to perform better in your life, whether personal or professional
  • You are not happy
  • You are not feeling lively
  • Slowly you feel that life is a burden

This happens because the limited supply of energy given to you is constantly utilized in settling those accounts that keep you in anxiety, confusion, and depression. 

3. Burdened Life:

I have come across many cases where people, after reaching 35 years, feel they need to feel the lively energy of youth to do things on their own. Even the basic chores of life feel a burden to them. 

 Why is it so? 

  • Because you have exhausted all the limited supply of energy given to you. 
  • Your desires, the unlimited desires, have been exaggerated in the last few decades because of the capitalization and consumerism happening in this world. 
  • Whatever you see, you want to buy that. Whatever you find alluring and glamorous, you want to become that. Fulfillment of these desires needs a lot of money. 

Why do you feel like spending money by wasting your energy?

You spend your valuable energy and deteriorate your health conditions to earn more money.

Where will this money come from?

 It is you who needs to:

  • Work and generate that money
  • Then spend that money to fulfill those desires which do not give you real happiness

1. Obsessive-Compulsive behavior:

The obsessive-compulsive behavior of buying things in the malls or when you visit a sweet shop or a bakery shop when you feel like overeating sweets, chocolates, desserts, cakes, and pastries happens because:

  • Energetically you are drained
  • You are a beggar and want to feel complete and rich by fulfilling those externally by eating, which your body does not need

2. Unconscious consumption and buying:

You buy things that you do not need for your life. 

  • It is enough if you have one car to sponsor your life and the flexibility to move out to places
  • But due to consumerism, you need to buy another vehicle and then another and buy a big house

And you think that all these things will make you happy at the end of the day?

What are the benefits of energy healing?

There are therapeutic benefits of my Inner GPS Energy Healing. I add value to you in the following ways: 

1. Answer Your Questions:

I answer your specific questions by reading your Inner GPS and guiding you through a definite action plan. 

2. Freedom from Energetic Blockages on the Body Level:

I free you from energetic blockages by healing you energetically and physically and sharing with you the ancient secrets of living the healthiest life

3. Freedom from Energetic Blockages on the Mind Level:

I free you from the energetic blockages in your mind through energy healing to lead you towards flow in your life.

4. Energetically Integrated:

I help you to become integrated as an individual energetically so that you can operate as a unit and not as a fragmented individual. 

5. Tapping Your Inner GPS:

I enable you to listen to your Inner GPS and implement the intuitive guidance from your Inner GPS in your personal and professional life.

6. Freedom from Karmic Remnants:

I give you clarity on the energetic blockages in your life due to Karma and Prarabdha and help you clear your energetic blockages by enabling you to take the right actions. 

7. Facilitating Your Kundalini Awakening Journey:

I help you exclusively in your Kundalini Awakening journey by facilitating your progress from the “Guru” or “Master” element of the universal energy source. 

How can you become highly productive through energy healing? 

what is energy healing?

What I do with energy healing is:

  • Clear all the mental debris 
  • All the Karmic residue in you 

So that you do not need anything extra to make you happy.

1. What Is the Purpose of Your Life? 

The purpose of your life is to be happy unconditionally. 

2. Why Do You Need Things or Objects that the Supreme Power Has Not Created in the First Place?

When you were born, you were happy. You did not need anything to make you smile. 

But nowadays, even if you have the bigger stuff, the biggest house or the big cars, or the vessels which you have always dreamt of having:

  • You do not feel happy
  • You cannot smile 
  • You do not laugh

3. What Was the Last Time You Laughed Naturally when Your Belly Started Aching? 

Just question yourself. 

So this is the need of the hour that you get energetically healed using energy therapies and therapeutic touch of energy. Your internal research on your life force will give you clues about healing energy. It is a different kind of energy medicine and therapy.

How will you feel when you are energetically healed?

When you get energetically healed: 

  • You will be highly productive in your personal and professional life 
  • You will be healthy
  • You will be wealthy
  • You will be prosperous in your career
  • You will communicate well, make good connections, and have good relationships with people 

According to scientific evidence, all these will lead to your further evolution, leading to a higher level of consciousness in you. 

 It is my promise that if you connect with me and share all your concerns and your problems:

  • I am going to heal you directly which will give you deep relaxation.
  • I will guide you on how you can remain energetically healthy throughout.

Do remain tuned to me, as your Inner GPS energy healer: 

  • Ask me questions, whichever you have
  • Get connected to me for personal coaching, where I will address all your issues
  • At the same time and provide solutions to remain happy, healthy, and highly energetic.


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