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How to Increase Prana Energy- The Best 25 Practical Secrets

IGG Sanju

Forest- Highest Prana Content

Welcome to a journey of discovering incredible ways to enhance your Prana Energy. 

Prana is a Sanskrit word that means your “life force” and “fundamental energy” that keeps you alive. 

Seems unknown to you? 

Are you here to find practical solutions on how to increase Prana energy? 

Prana is the most confusing and unknown term for any human being because it exists in your intangible spiritual body. 

You must be aware that you are a dead creature without healthy Prana, yet you do not know how to access Prana when you need it the most while alive. 

Before I share with you the secrets of accessing Prana, first answer the following questions:

  • Do you feel the lack of vital flow of Prana energy as a life? 

  • Are you feeling sick and unwell?

  • Are you losing liveliness and free flow as a human being?

Whether you’re new to Prana or seeking to deepen your understanding, if your answer to the above questions is a big “YES,” this guide will add value in unlimited ways. 

So stay attentive. Let’s begin! 

Understanding Prana or Pranic Energy

What is Prana or Pranic energy? 

Prana, often called the “life force,” is a fundamental concept in various spiritual and holistic traditions. 

Prana, the vital energy sustains all living beings and permeates the universe. 

Improved vitality through Prana

Your understanding and harnessing Prana can create your heightened vitality and a more harmonious existence.

  • Prana is the energy that keeps you alive in your body.

  • Absorbing Prana energy is the direct intake of the Pranic content of the universe to your body through breathing. 

  • Prana is the subtle energy that flows through and around us, performs your physical bodily functions, influences your emotional states, and impacts your mental clarity. 

  • When you breathe, you breathe in the gasses and the Prana content around you.

  • You feel sick and suffocated when you do not get enough Prana from your breath.

Prana acts like the electricity flowing through a bulb, your human body. Let’s see how? 

Prana Energy- The Power Supply in You

Prana- electricity flowing in you, bulb

From the basic understanding, you know about living and nonliving things.

Living things are alive, while non-living things are considered dead. In reality, there is nothing called “dead”, it is just a transformation of energy. 

What distinguishes a living thing from a nonliving thing is Prana

Where does Prana enter the body?

Prana enters into the body from the food we eat,the water we drink, the air we breathe, and from absorbing the universal Cosmic Pranic life force energy. 

Prana travels through thousands of tiny energy channels called Nadis to every cell in the body.

Everything is energy, and the energy keeps on transforming from one form to another.

According to the Law of Energy,

“Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to the other”.

This means that what you see as matter is energy in its subtlest form. 

Your body is the matter, the condensed energy like a bulb. 

Your Prana is like electricity that flows in your energy channels, reaches your each cell, lightens the bulb, your body.  

  • Prana flows in your energy body through energy pathways or channels

  • The energy which keeps you alive in this physical body is full of Prana. 

  • Prana sustains life because it can be equated with the life energy or vital life force working in you.

  • Prana exists in your physical body in the form of “Prana Vayus“- Prana Vayu, Apana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Vyana Vayu and Samana Vayu.

Where Do You Get the Highest Prana?

Highest Prana in Nature

The fresh air with the highest quality of Prana energy is present in nature, places that are less commercialized or not filled with man-made structures.

The Earth is a beautiful planet, and the Earth is a “Life Planet”. 

“Life Planet” means it is in itself a conscious planet that has the potential to create and sustain millions of species in the form of:

  • Human beings

  • Other creatures

  • Vegetation 

  • Microorganisms  

Everything else is alive due to the life force planet Earth.

There are many places on the Earth with high Pranic energy and they rejuvenate you to live the healthiest life possible. 

Unfortunately, you do not get easy access to the highest quality Prana, due to the growing population and growing number of cities. 

However, you can have access to high Prana by choosing to live a life where access to Prana is a need, not an option. 

You need to invest in Prana to have the best life energy in you. 

Benefits of Increased Flow of Prana Energy

Prana Flow

Increasing Prana flow can bring about many positive effects for your optimal health. 

When balanced and enhanced, this vital life force has the potential to bring numerous benefits to your physical, mental, and spiritual health. 

For instance, begin watching yourself and the people around you.

You will get attracted naturally to a person who is radiating high in spiritual energy, and the secret of that radiance is the content of highest Prana in him or her.

Similarly, people with lower energies due to lower Prana will distract you and make you feel disintegrated. 

What makes you radiate with higher energies?

Prana Radiate Higher

The secret behind having the highest radiance is with high quality of Prana, your Sushumna Nadi is activated in the energy channels and Vagus Nerve is activated in the physical body.

With these activation, your brain and body performs the best. Also your energy channels are unblocked and all the subtle functions in your energy body happen in the most holistic way. 

In short, with high Pranic energy, Energy Healing begins on all levels of your existence. 

Suppose you want to activate your Inner GPS for getting all the above benefits of Pranic Healing, in that case you can connect to us for your Inner GPS Activation

How do you know you are high in Prana

When you are high in Prana Energy: 

Stage 1: You are breathing in the most natural way, i.e., belly breathing is happening 24/7 without doing any other breathing techniques, exercises or Pranayama.

Stage 2: All body cells are getting the highest quality and quantity of Prana.

Stage 3: When the cells get the best quality of Prana energy through blood circulation, they get reflected in your energy.

Stage 4: Because only with the best raw material can the cells produce the best vital force energy.

Stage 5: The highest quality of Pranic energy boosts up the cells in your body to create the best quality of conscious energy, and you remain permanently in the present.

Stage 6: When you have the best quality of Pranic content, you feel that life is here and now.

Stage 7: Your mind does not disturb you because it and its intensity reduce with the intake of the highest quality of Prana.

Stages of Absorbing Prana

Here are some of the remarkable benefits you can experience through the cultivation of higher Prana energy levels:

#1. Enhanced vitality

Experience a surge in energy and aliveness, gearing you up to face life’s hurdles with enthusiasm, boost physical and mental resilience, enabling quicker recovery from challenges and setbacks.

#2. Improved physical health

Elevate your overall well-being by enhancing circulation in your whole circulatory system and nervous system, strengthening your immune system, and aiding cellular repair.

Eat Pranic Food for Immunity

#3. Mental clarity

Attain better focus, reduce stress, and better mental functions through a balanced flow of Prana, smoother decision-making, and concentration.

#4. Emotional balance

Stabilize emotional disturbances, reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, promoting emotional resilience and well-being.

#5. Heightened creativity

Unleash your creative potential by harnessing increased Prana, leading to innovative ideas and expressions.

Embrace holistic well-being encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions for a harmonious and fulfilling life.

#6. Better sleep quality

Balance Prana for improved sleep patterns, ensuring more profound rest and rejuvenation upon waking for your entire body.

sleep improves prana

#7. Spiritual growth

Deepen your spiritual growth, well-being, and experiences, enhance intuition, and foster deeper connection and inner self-connection by augmenting Prana energy flow.

#8. Stress reduction

Manage stress effectively by cultivating higher Prana energy levels, inducing relaxation, practicing meditation and countering demanding lifestyles.

#9. Enhanced relationships

Radiate positivity and vitality through balanced Prana, positively influencing interactions and relationships.

How can you improve the content of your Prana instantly? 

Improve your Prana Instantly

How to make Prana flow?

If you want to feel the difference in your life, you can test yourself by going out in nature.

If that is possible for you and feel how you feel:

  • When you are stuck in a room or a closed environment or 

  • A man-made structure with man-made gadgets

Feel the open space outside that room where you have space and access to nature.

Just remove your shoes and  

  • Walk barefoot on the ground with the contact of the Earth element or the green grass a wet grass in the morning

  • Touching or hugging a tree 

What does Prana feel like? 

With you doing these activities, you will feel a certain kind of current or electricity you could feel when you do it the first time.

Hugging a tree for Prana increase

This electricity is nothing but the movement of Prana felt because we all are connected with nature fundamentally.

The Best 25 Practical Secrets on How to Increase Prana Energy

You can apply all of the following practical secrets to boost your Prana flow to get results: 

1. Mindful breathing techniques

Taking deliberate, slow breaths can invigorate your Prana. Inhale deeply, feel the life force enter your body, and exhale, releasing tension and stagnation through breathing techniques.

2. Nutrient-rich diet

Fuel your body with whole foods abundant in vitamins and minerals.Sattvik Food” like fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains are essential for optimal Prana circulation. “Conscious Eating” will help here. When you practice “Conscious Eating”, you don’t need to follow any dieting or intermittent fasting.

Sattvik Pranic Food

3. Hydration

Water is life’s fundamental energy source, enhancing energy flow. Staying hydrated supports cellular functions and helps transport Pranic force throughout your body.

4. Sunlight exposure

Soak the natural sun’s energy to absorb vital energy. Sunlight stimulates vitamin D production, enhancing Prana absorption and overall well-being.

5. Meditation

Quieting the mind through meditation enables a clear channel for Prana and cultivates awareness and tranquility, enhancing your energetic vitality.

6. Yoga Asanas

Practice restorative Yoga Asanas because restorative Yoga asanas postures open energy channels, allowing Prana to flow freely. Yogic practices like stretching, twisting, and moving will help you release blockages and enhance your energetic flow.

Yoga Asanas for Prana Flow

7. Nature connection

Spending time in nature rejuvenates your Prana. The beauty and tranquility of natural settings restore your energy balance. Practicing Pranayama on the nature trail has multiple benefits.

8. Positive thinking

Cultivate an optimistic mindset to attract positive and is how to increase Prana energy. Positive thoughts generate high-frequency energy that enhances overall vitality and evaporates negative thoughts and negative energy.

9. Emotional release

Address unresolved emotions to prevent negative energy and stagnation. Engage in practices like journaling or therapy to release emotional blockages, negative and stagnant energy.

10. Sound healing

Vibrational sounds, such as singing bowls or chanting, resonate with your energy centers, harmonizing and elevating your Prana Shakti (power) and soothing your nervous system.

11. Energy-cleansing practices

Smudging, energy healing, salt baths, and cold water bath helps cleanse your Aura and remove negative emotions that hamper Prana flow.

Cold Bath Improves Prana

12. Breath awareness

Pay attention to your breath’s rhythm. Deep, intentional breaths enhance Prana flows and absorption, promoting mental clarity, and removing stagnant energy and vitality. Alternate Nostril Breathing or “Nadi Shodhana” is the most recommended to increase the free flow of the Prana

Alternate Nostril Breathing

13. Laughter and joy

Embrace moments of laughter and happiness. They activate your Vagus Nerve, thus raising your energetic frequency, fostering smooth Prana circulation.

14. Restorative sleep

Quality sleep revitalizes and increases Prana. Prioritize consistent, deep sleep to restore your energy reserves and increase Prana.

15. Mind-body practices (Tai Chi, Qigong, etc.)

These ancient practices align Prana and physical movements, promoting balance and vitality.

16. Acts of kindness and love

Sharing kindness generates positive Prana flow. Acts of compassion and generosity amplify your energetic resonance and spiritual energy. For example, healing animals with compassion and unconditional love. 

Loving Animals Increase Prana

17. Detoxification

Rid your body of toxins through proper nutrition, hydration, and practices like Inner GPS Energy Healing Sessions to enhance Prana purity.

18. Grounding meditation techniques

Connect with the Earth to stabilize your energy. Walking barefoot (Earthing), gardening, meditation, or meditation can ground excess energy.

19. Visualization

Envision and feel Prana as a vibrant, flowing light within you. Visualization techniques can guide and intensify the movement of Prana energy flow within. Paying attention to your Pranic energy will enliven its presence in you. 

20. Limit electronics

Reduce screen time to minimize energy interference. Unplugging allows for better energy absorption and blood circulation.

21. Mindful movement

Engage in intentional, rhythmic movements synchronizing the spiritual body with your breath. This enhances Prana circulation and your physical health and spiritual well-being.

22. Intuitive creativity

Expressing your creativity aligns with Prana flow. Engaging in art, music, or writing channels your energy into productive outlets.

23. Spiritual connection

Engage in spiritual practices aligning with your beliefs. A solid spiritual connection nourishes Prana by reducing stress at a profound level.

How to increase Prana energy

24. Conscious breathing exercises and breaks

Pause to take conscious breaths, practice yoga breathing exercises or practice Pranayama throughout the day. These short breaks recharge and balance your life force.

25. Gratitude practice

Cultivate gratitude to elevate your energetic frequency. Acknowledging blessings attracts positive Prana into your life.

The big question now arises: 

How Can You Increase Your Prana Permanently? 

Forest- Highest Prana Content

If you want to have a constant supply of high Prana permanently, then these are the solutions: 

  1. Expose yourself to high Prana by visiting natural places regularly

  2. Shifting to a location filled with high Prana

  3. Moving to High Energetic Places such as high energy vortex

  4. Traveling often to IGG Verified Energy Vortexes

Suppose you need help with the above. In that case, you can get yourself refilled with good quality Prana by spending a few days or months or changing your entire location to a place that is filled with: 

#1. Air

You must breathe in fresh air available in natural places filled with high Prana and Oxygen content. 

#2. Earth

Expose yourself to trees, green grass, forest, or other elements of nature -rocks, soil or mud where you have access to the ground. It acts as the natural tranquiliser by reducing inflammation in your body and infusing Prana in you. 

Five Elements of Nature- Highest Prana

#3. Water

If possible, find places of natural water supply from a natural source like a river or a stream flowing nearby. Drink water from natural water sources like fresh water lake, stream, waterfall and river. For example, the water of the Ganges river is highly Pranic in the mountain region. 

#4. Space

Spend more time in places with immense space in the area or region where you are living. An open meadow, park or crop field is the best place to be. 

#5. Fire

Regularly go out in the open to have access to direct contact with the Sun, the benefits are immense. Sun is the natural source of high Prana and it rejuvenates you from within. 

Wherever you get access to the five elements of nature in abundance and where human interference is the lohttps://innergpsgurus.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgt is the ideal place to have the best quality of life force energy for a healthy life.

How Can I Help You?

High Radiance with Improved Prana

Suppose you are going through Kundalini Awakening then you must be Prana deficient. In that case, I can help you facilitate your spiritual awakening process.

Whenever you need more guidance and insights about the places on this Earth having the highest Prana where you can spend some time and maybe your lifetime, you can connect to me.

I will guide you by giving you real insights and sharing the secrets about the Pranic places on Earth.

You can connect to me for an Inner GPS Coaching, where I will help you improve your health by taking some practical actions. 

You can go to places where you will receive the best quality of Prana, rejuvenate yourself from any illness, and live a Healthy and Wealthy life.

All the best! Happy reading.


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