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What Is Wealth? Unlocking the Secrets of True Wealth

IGG Sanju

What is wealth?

True wealth and your net worth are about your quality of life in terms of your health, wealth, and relationships.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What is wealth?
  • How do you create money?
  • Is financial wealth real wealth?
  • Role of time, money, and energy to become wealthy.
  • How is wealth connected to our evolution?
  • What is wealth management in a holistic sense?
  • What is the state of being in the highest wealth?

What is wealth?

The definition of wealth from my perspective is holistic and based on truth.

Wealth is the freedom and power to use your personal time, money, and energy in the most optimum way. When you are in command of your time, money, and energy, you are considered to be wealthy.”

1. Time: 

Your time is the span of life you are going to spend on this planet till the time you are alive. Your net worth in terms of your time is limited and yet potentially powerful if you utilize your time optimally.

2. Money: 

Your money is the financial wealth that you create through your efforts on this planet. More wealth can be created during a specific period in your life if you value money by increasing your income, investments, and savings.

3. Energy:

Your energy is the life force working in you incessantly from the moment you are born till you are alive in this body. How you energetically invest your attention determines how you create wealth from energy.

“Your valuable attention (energy) is your currency. Expend it well.”

You have been given all the resources with the grace of this universe, this existence, and you are given the opportunity to make optimum utilization of your time, money, and energy to fulfill your life purpose, for which you are born to create wealth.

How do you create money?

Some may say that money is not given to us. We create money and increase our net worth in this birth through our efforts by working in different modes using an accurate financial plan. That is true.

But money is created from the life force which you are given as a gift to display your creativity, to display your talent, and to operate from who you are.

Is financial wealth real wealth?

For earning money and wealth management, many opportunities are created in this world in the form of jobs, businesses, or entrepreneurship, through which you earn money and increase your net worth and net asset value as you build wealth.

How I define wealth, is a different dimension for you. Financial money, your monetary net worth, and your personal finance are not alone included in wealth.

Measuring wealth, building wealth, and monitoring wealth through your income, net assets, money in your bank account, and funds in your portfolio is a limited dimension.

1. Pure health is your wealth:

Wealth encompasses your pure health. Pure health means when you are able to use your life force in the way you want to channel it and add economic value. Building wealth begins with creating great health.

Remaining unhealthy is like being burdened by credit card debt and liabilities. Your health is your abundance, you are rich and a true asset to yourself. Health will increase your net worth in real terms.

2. Consciousness is your wealth:

Time is fixed, but you can optimize the time by bringing your attention to the center of your existence, the consciousness with which you operate on your financial assets, with help from wealth managers. 

The center of your existence, consciousness, is the powerhouse of your time and energy.

3. Energy is your wealth:

Wealth is all about you and your net worth as a person Personal wealth is all about how you radiate your energy to others.

  • Being wealthy means, you are happy unconditionally and can create generational wealth. 
  • You need all the resources for your comfortable stay on this planet, and that is managed with the help of money and financial security.

4. Happiness is your wealth:

But money alone cannot be considered wealth because the feeling and the pleasure that you get by being in radiant energy is real wealth.

  • You may buy a house, but you cannot buy happiness 
  • You may buy a car, but you cannot buy the experience
  • You may buy investments in different resources, but you cannot get the pleasure or the happiness that you get by simply “not doing anything” at times.

So you are given an independent choice to create wealth for yourself and be wealthy and happy without any reason.

Role of time, money, and energy to become wealthy:

When we come to Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, we see that at the base of it is the need for stability. As we grow higher, then we come to the point of self-actualization.

Without completing the lower needs, we cannot expect the higher needs to be fulfilled.

What is wealth?
Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory
Source: communicationtheory.org

Before becoming wealthy:

1. Enough money:

You should have enough money to sponsor your living.

2. Enough time:

You should have enough time to do what you want to do in this life with your personal finance 

3. Enough energy:

You should have the energy to make all these things happen

How is wealth connected to your evolution?

Human desires and money value keep on changing as we go higher and higher in evolution. The history of human evolution throws examples of the importance of income, savings, and investments at different times.

1. Basic needs: 

At the base of evolution, we need food, clothing, and shelter. More money needs to follow once these basic needs for well-being are fulfilled.

2. Relationships needs: 

As you grow higher, you value the importance of relationships:

  • Uniting with people
  • Utilizing human capital
  • Working with them
  • Being with them
  • Creating a Family
  • Acquiring physical assets
  • Building wealth
  • Utilizing scarce resources
  • Creating children.

You feel connected to the national wealth, natural resources, and the universe to create your total wealth.

3. Intellectual needs: 

Once the above basic needs and the need for a relationship are fulfilled, you thrive on more intellectual developments. You strive for more advancement in the way you think and in the way you operate in this world.

  • All the above needs come in the worldly game.
  • It is all about the worldly accomplishments of things.
  • For this, all the resources are available in this world.
  • But, again, these are not considered in the wealth part of it.

Comparative wealth, money invested in the stock market, mutual funds, financial products, personal net worth, country’s wealth, and money in the world bank is the external aspects of the definition of wealth.

What is wealth management in a holistic sense?

Wealth management in a holistic sense means:

Wealth involves when you are healthy, you have financial freedom, and your relationship is such that you are independently happy. 

1. Freedom, happiness, and power:

Your true net worth is your happiness, not dependent on “doing” or “not doing” anything. Your happiness, freedom, and personal power are the real parameters for measuring wealth.

2. Abundance:

Your abundance as a human being is your true wealth and you can build wealth:

  • When these worldly needs are fulfilled, you go above in evolution towards spiritual development, where your energy comes into the picture. 
  • For more advancement in spiritual wealth or “yogic wealth” to know how you operate in this world, what you are, and who you are, all these things are covered in the spiritual aspects of your evolutionary transition.

3. Valuing time, money, and energy:

You cannot consider yourself wealthy and build wealth until and unless you know how your time, money, and energy are utilized in the:

  • Creating good health
  • Creating a good way of living and education
  • Creating a good relationship with the people around you and, before that, with yourself

4. Enough of everything:

To be rich is something else; to be wealthy is a totally different thing.

To be wealthy, you should have enough. 

You are considered wealthy not based on your income or financial assets. Wealth management is not only about managing your property, financial plan, and economic needs.

You should not have more and more of anything. 

5. Needs vs wants:

To know more about wealth, you need to consider the following:

  • What are your needs? 
  • How much time, money, and energy do you have to fulfill those needs?

You should be able to distinguish between your needs and wants

There is no end to the want of your mind. 

You must have studied in economics that desires are unlimited, and the means to fulfill those desires are unlimited too. 

There is a balance where you know that you do not need all the things to make you fulfilled and to make you wealthy.

6. Feeling satisfied and complete:

You are a wealthy and complete person: 

  • When you are able to radiate good energy
  • When you are able to feel happy 
  • When you are able to feel the joy of simply “being”
  • When you are in nature
  • When you are with your integrated self

What is the state of being in the highest wealth? 

To come to that state of an integrated whole when nothing is needed from outside to complete you is the natural state of being the highest wealthy. 

1. Make your mind listen to you:

If your mind is all the time craving for something to make you complete in a certain way, then you are not wealthy. 

In fact, you are poor. 

Because you are dependent on the “mind servant” for your happiness. Make sure that you are commanding your mind and not otherwise.

2. Recognise yourself as the king:

Consider yourself as a king who is abundant in everything that he needs in his life. Everything is available to you when you need it: 

  • The moment you want food, food is available to you
  • The moment you want clothing, it is available to you
  • The moment you want to shelter, it is available to you

3. What more do you need?

Yes, you need a certain external and internal environment to create the life you want to create for yourself that is independent of anyone. 

No person or no material external to you can make you wealthy. 

When you understand this, you will understand that I am pointing to bringing all your distributed attention to yourself to start investing in yourself. 

4. Invest in yourself:

Investing in yourself is the best investment, and investment in yourself gives you the best returns. Investment in yourself makes you wealthy and you become an asset eventually. 

I assure you when you start looking at life from this dimension: 

  • You will come across many secrets that many wealthy people living on this planet apply in their daily life. 
  • They are not extraordinary creatures with extraordinary features.
  • They are only simple human beings with extraordinary consciousness that they keep on applying on a daily basis in their everyday life.
  • They live the happiest life on this planet.

5. Why I am talking about this planet: 

To make you aware that your world is limited, but the total existence is unlimited. 

Money is the highest positive energy that elevates your spirit and your vibrational frequency. 

For example:

when you get a good amount of money, you get a fixed amount, ₹1 lac, in your bank account suddenly, with your efforts which we have put in the past. You feel an energy of “happiness.”  

Why is it so?

6. Manifested creativity: 

Because money is the outcome of the efforts, you put in by investing your time and energy in creating something, whether for yourself or for someone else. 

Money is the manifestation of your creativity. 

This is just a hint as to what dimensions of money, time, and energy I can share with you.

  • I will educate you more on this in the coming articles.
  • For now, I am just sharing the outline of being wealthy.

Meet you soon in the coming articles, and you can ask me any questions about any coaching that you would like to take from me and also take further sessions if you want to be wealthy with all the resources you have right now. 


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