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Energy Vortex- 23 Positive Signs And Benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes

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Energy Vortex signs and Benefits

Do you love traveling to unique places like an energy vortex? or, Are you on a spiritual awakening journey or going through Kundalini Awakening? 

As a true seeker or an explorer, I am sure your Inner GPS brought you here and are curious about the secrets behind the energy vortexes. 

I welcome you wholeheartedly to explore energy vortexes. I am confident you will love the magical experience of exploring energy vortexes through my lenses of consciousness. 

Energy vortexes” or “Earth’s Chakras” have a heightened or concentrated flow of spiritual or metaphysical energy that pulls you towards them. You feel a sense of calm peace, or experience a surge of energy and vitality in an energy vortex. 

Energy vortexes are like strong electromagnetic fields that intrigue you to know more about them and what they can do for your spirit and well-being. They create sensations and feelings that may not be just a coincidence for many to experience. 

In this guide, you will learn what energy vortexes are, where you can find them, and why they are vital for your evolution and great health

  • I will share the signs and benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes so that you can locate them easily.

  • I will also share practical tips on approaching them respectfully. My “IGG- Verification Secrets” will provide a reliable standard for assessing a location’s high energy quality. 

Energy vortexes have many benefits, including improved physical and mental health, increased creativity, and heightened spiritual awareness. Their natural high energy significantly impacts your overall well-being and facilitates your Kundalini Awakening journey.

By the time you finish reading, you will have a good grip on these fascinating energy spots, and you can decide how to visit them.

Are you ready to demystify the secrets behind energy vortexes? Let’s get started. 

What Is an Energy Vortex?

Energy Vortex

An energy vortex is a captivating natural energy swirling center found at different places on Earth’s surface. The vortex energy moves in a spiral, moving up or down. Identifying an energy vortex is primarily based on your “FEELINGS” rather than scientific evidence.

Energy vortexes are not confined to one culture or belief system. They take various forms globally, each with its distinct traits and interpretations.

  • In the Western world, you call it “energy vortexes” or simply “vortices,” which are not universally accepted in mainstream science.

  • In Eastern traditions and holistic healing practices, you call “Chakras,” similar to specific energy centers within the body, available on Earth at various locations. 

They carry immense cultural and even spiritual significance and importance.

  • Many temples, churches, mosques, monasteries, and places of religious and spiritual importance are built around the energy vortexes around the world. 

  • Indigenous cultures, like Native American tribes, have their common belief of energy vortices tied to specific landscapes. For example, Sedona Vortex.

Positive Energy Vortices Vs Negative Energy Vortices

Positive energy vortex:

A positive energy vortex is a location, often within nature, radiating with uplifting and revitalizing energy.

  • When you visit positive energy vortices, you will feel increased well-being, inspiration, and a heightened sense of connection to your surroundings.

  • These positive vortexes benefit your mental, emotional, and even physical state, promoting relaxation and spiritual growth.

Negative energy vortex:

A negative energy vortex is a location where the energy is perceived as heavy or draining.

  • When you visit such places, you might experience feelings of unease, discomfort, or a sense of negativity.

  • Negative energy vortices are often associated with sites with a history of conflict, trauma, or other distressing events, such as a burial ground, a battlefield, and old haunted places. Maintaining a more positive energy mindset or experiencing peace in these locations may be challenging.

Positive Energy Vortices Vs Negative Energy Vortices:

S. No.AspectPositive Energy VortexesNegative Energy Vortexes
1.Energy sensationUplifting, rejuvenating, peacefulDraining, unsettling, uncomfortable
2.Emotional impactEnhances feelings of joy, serenityAmplifies feelings of fear, anxiety
3.Physical effectsIncreased vitality, relaxationFatigue, restlessness
4. Healing potentialSupports emotional and physical healingMay exacerbate emotional or physical issues
5.Spiritual connectionDeepens meditation, spiritual experiencesMay lead to feelings of disconnection
6.SurroundingsHarmonious, tranquil natural surroundingsTense, unsettling environment
7. Overall impactPromotes well-being and inner growthCan hinder personal growth and progress

Where are energy vortexes found?

Energy vortexes can be found in different geographic locations worldwide, each offering a unique experience.

What are ley lines?

Ley Lines and Energy Vortices

Image Source:

Ley lines are hypothetical alignments or connections between various energy vortexes geographical points, often including ancient sites, landmarks, and natural features such as hills, mountains, and bodies of water.

  • These lines have spiritual or mystical significance, as they carry energy or power that connects different places on the Earth’s surface.

  • The concept of ley lines is often associated with the New Age movement, esoteric beliefs, and certain forms of alternative archaeology.

Ley lines gained popularity in the early 20th century, particularly with the works of authors like Alfred Watkins, who coined the term "ley lines" in the 1920s. Watkins proposed that ancient cultures created alignments between significant landmarks, allowing them to navigate the landscape more easily. Over time, the concept evolved to include notions of spiritual energy and mystical significance, suggesting that these lines carry a unique energy that can be harnessed for various purposes.

23 Positive Signs And Benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes

All signs I am discussing are experiential to me, and I guarantee this will also be experiential to you.

It would be best to spend some time with yourself at these places. If you are keen to experience such a place, I am telling you how to get the maximum out of it.

Why do I Visit Energy Vortexes? 

I have taken the IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes as a Project. Let me share my connection to energy vortexes.

“If you cannot see anything, that does not mean it does not exist. You cannot see energy, but the truth is that everything is energy. The high powers in an energy vortex elevate you to feel the life force in you. When you visit an energy vortex, your energy shifts to explore the new dimension of living life.

I was always intrigued by exploring the energy vortexes on Earth, known for having high-frequency vibrations that uplift your being. In this quest, I visited the Himalayas, the most known for its high energies. 

After spending a few years in the Himalayas, absorbing the higher energies, and getting transformed, my Inner GPS navigated me towards something unique and unknown territory.

I headed towards the North-Eastern States of India, traveling across many cities, and finally landed in Tezpur. When I reached Tezpur, my Inner GPS showed a positive vibe towards that place, and I began feeling the Pranic air.

One day, when I got up in the morning, something very powerful was pulling me to explore the places in Tezpur, Assam, India, highly indicating the presence of high energies and sharing with you the opportunity to elevate yourself by visiting such sacred sites“.

This is how the birth of the IGG-Verified High Energy Vortex Project happened.

I have invented the IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project to identify and verify the positive energy vortexes on Earth through my power of sensing high energies.

How Do I Know Energy Vortexes Have Pranic Energy?

First, I am gifted with the power to see and feel the high Pranic energy in and around that place. In the above video, I am sitting in a highly energetic place.

For particular interest to my readers and spiritual seekers, you know the signs when you visit the sacred sites or electromagnetic energy vortex sacred sites. I will share some points or signals you will feel when you visit IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes.

When you feel these things, you understand that these are vortexes. It is the checklist. When each point gives a green signal, you will understand and feel that this place is highly energetic.

23 Positive Signs And Benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes 

Signs and Benefits of Energy Vortexes

1.You don't want to leave that place. You want to stay there without thinking about time.

2.Your arms and hands will expand, and your chest will open up.

3.Your spine will be straightened.

Your gaze will be towards the sky.

Your hands will take the formation of the "Namaskar" folded hands position.

6.Your breathing will automatically shift to belly breathing, which will be slow and deep.

7.When you close your eyes, you will lose the sense of time and distance.

8.There will be a feeling of alignment with external high energy.

9.You will feel empowered, and you will feel the grip of your mind loosening over you.

10.You will be flooded with creative ideas.

11.You will feel possibilities.

12.You will feel more centered and shift in consciousness.

13.You will be in wonder and more aware of your existence.

14.You will feel the extreme stillness and be in the present moment.

15.You will feel there is nothing in life to achieve or control.

16.You will be stress-free.

17.You will feel grounded and humbled.

18.You will feel your complaining mind has stopped, and you will feel grateful.

19.Your sense of ego will reduce, and you will feel your "beingness."

20.You will start appreciating the beauty of nature and its divinity through your experience.

21.You will feel a connectedness to the five elements of nature - earth, water, fire, air, and space

22.You will feel "Alive" and "Energetic."

23.You will automatically sit in a crossed-leg position in Meditation Mudra.

Here are the 23 positive signs and benefits of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes:

1. Want to stay there without thinking about time

Energy Vortex- Time Stops

Your thinking stops. You don’t want to leave that place. My experience since I took up IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes Project, I have always experienced that.

  • Whenever I go to such places, I do not leave that place. 

  • I sit there for at least one to two hours.

  • The reason time stops for me.

  • You feel beyond time and distance because you feel yourself.

When you go to a positive vortex, check whether you want to be there for half an hour, one hour, or two hours alone. 

If there is noise, you will leave that place sooner or later. But if there is no noise and that place emits high energy, you would love to be in that vortex for self discovery. 

You would love to be with yourself for thirty minutes, one hour, two hours. The way time passes, you will not feel that time. Instead, it is a sign that time stops for you.

2. Arms and hands will expand, and the chest will open up

When you go into an energy vortex, your body language will change. Naturally, your arms will extend, and your chest will open up and bring feelings of bliss. 

  • It is a sign that the positive energy vortex has a high Prana.

  • Your body and power want to absorb that high positive energy.

  • Your arms will extend, your chest will expand, and open up.

  • You would like to absorb as much Prana and oxygen as much as you can possible.

I have always experienced the sacred sites of a secret waterfall in Rishikesh. I guarantee that 99% of spiritual people who have visited the holy place in Rishikesh, India, have yet to learn about that place. That was the place where when I saw that sacred place, my arms extended, my chest opened up, and I felt that oneness.

3. Your spine will be straightened

When you feel like opening your chest and arms, your spine will straighten up.

When your spine is straightened, you will feel the energy going to every Chakra.

  • It reaches the Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Third Eye Chakra, and you may feel a tingling sensation. 

  • Not for everyone, but with a tingling sensation, you will feel a movement in your spine, which is a sign that high energy is sipping into you.

Energize yourself and go to such places.

4. Your gaze will be toward the sky 

Energy Vortex - Gaze Towards Sky

Your gaze will be towards the sky. When you open your arms, your chest opens up, and your spine is straightened.

  • Your gaze will be towards the sky in the opening position for your whole system.

  • Your entire system wants to open up and be one with that external energy in this place.

Typically, when you are in a city, you feel the constriction of energy, and the contraction of energy will also be reflected in your body.

  • You will feel like you must be opened up in a congested city life.

  • If you are in a city or town with less Prana and less oxygen, you may feel the need for better energy, which means the place you are staying has low energy. Your body posture will be constricted and limited.

  • You will not feel like opening your spine automatically, straightening up your spine. 

That’s why you will feel your constricted energy expand when you come to an energy vortex. 

I am not asking you to do it. It is a sign that your body will be in tune with the energy outside, and you will feel like doing this. You will feel that your body is getting tuned and your body is giving the sign to open up. The spine straightens up and then supports whatever your body is demanding. 

5. “Namaskar” or folded hands position

When you visit vortexes, if you want to communicate with someone, your hand movement will be in a folded “Namaskar” or “Namaste” position, which happens naturally.

  • You will get maximum out of it only when you are going alone at such places and sitting there for some time in solitude.

  • Sit there in Sukhasana, and just be one with yourself. When I go to such sites, it takes no time to be myself in one moment, and I am inside.

This sign when you feel, be there and energize yourself as much time as you can.


  • Stay away from such places on public holidays. 

  • Stay away from such sites with your family. 

  • Stay away from such areas with your friends for chit-chatting and making noise.

Instead, go to such places to plug in and recharge your batteries.

6. Sit in a crossed-leg position in the Meditation Mudra

At an energy vortex, you will feel like you are in “Meditation Mudra” – Sukhasana. The body takes this position, and Mudra and you feel like closing your eyes and being one with yourself.

IGG Secret: 

  • You cannot get energy from outside.

  • You will only get power from inside.

  • The recharging point is not out. It is inside. Keep recharging your batteries by going inside. 

7. Breathing will shift to belly breathing

Energy Vortex- Belly Breathing

Watch your breathing when you go into an energy vortex. You will automatically shift to belly breathing.

  • If you breathe through your chest, you will start breathing through your belly, where the automatic involuntary breathing will start.

  • It is the sign when you go into that parasympathetic system, and your brain gets the signal through your belly that you are in rest and digest mode. 

  • Your parasympathetic system will release good hormones in your body.

  • You will find peace at the body level through belly breathing.

  • Your whole system will start supporting you.

  • Your mind will stop working.

8. Lose the sense of time and distance

At such places, when you sit in Sukhasana with this Mudra, your eyes will be closed, and you will lose the importance of time and space. It happens to me in a moment.

“The place where I am is the place where I want every one of you to be.”

You reach this place where you are inside, not the whole physical healing place. Through such a whole physical healing and emotional healing process, there is a place inside of you where you can reach.

My whole attempt is to help you verify places where you can go and energize yourself. Look out for this sign where you lose the sense of time and distance when you close your eyes.

9. The feeling of alignment with external high-energy 

You will feel alignment with external energy when you go to IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes places and be there for some time.

  • You will feel there is a connection with external power.

  • Your Inner GPS is connected with this external energy and has an alignment. Complete alignment. Oneness. That oneness is required to energize yourself. 

  • You will feel that you are completely still, and when you feel that stillness, you will also feel that you have a lot of creative ideas coming from inside. 

Your role is to witness all these miracles, patiently wait to work on those ideas immediately, and just be there and experience them. I want you to embrace it. 

  • Once you experientially know that this is a highly energetic place, when you visit, understand, and experience that electromagnetic energy of the IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes are the ones that you feel too, at that time, the shift will happen in you.

  • Then, you will feel free from getting into mind-made plans or dreams. Instead, you will enjoy life the way you want and your consciousness wants.

10. Feel empowered and the grip of your mind loosening

When you feel this sign, understand that you have reached the state of extreme potential spiritual awakening and spiritual growth. Extreme potentiality is not the state of mind but the state of consciousness. 

  • You will feel energized.

  • You will feel that your mind is losing its hold over you.

  • You will feel an extremely expansive consciousness.

  • With its plans, beliefs, and ego, the mind does not limit you. 

  • You will feel extended consciousness and not feel limited or bound by any such methods of the mind, not your mind or anybody else’s.

11. Flooded with creative ideas 

Energy Vortex- Creative Ideas

You will be flooded with creative ideas when visiting such an ancient energy vortex. Be alone and become one with air vortex, the energy of the old world and yourself.

  • With the spiritual awakening of your consciousness, you will feel flooded with productive, creative ideas for living life and doing business.

  • You will feel that you can do business this way, work this way, and have relationships with my near and dear ones with my family this way.

More than that, you will be flooded with creative ideas telling you how to live with these people and work. 

  • It will tell you who you are and how you can play different roles with your family and friends in this society.

“Creative ideas can make you a deal-maker. You will be dealing with many people, and you will find a win-win situation in every deal. You will try to solve people’s problems with your increased newfound intelligence now.

This newfound intelligence is through consciousness. consciousness itself is an intelligent source, and you will take the help of that intellectual consciousness to solve your problems in your personal and professional life”. 

12. Feel the possibilities

You will have a lot of possibilities after creative ideas and also get to know the options. That means you will get actionable insights into those creative ideas.

After getting ideas, you will know precisely:

  • How can I make it possible?

  • How can I manifest it?

  • How can I make it realistic?

  • How can I convert it into reality to make it happen?

There is no time gap. You will want to act immediately. You will start getting the results directly when you work on it immediately. Ultimately, it will make you powerful. Such positive vortexes will take you to yourself, and that state will make you powerful.

With creative ideas, you will start getting actionable insights. When you go to energy vortices and sit there for some time while getting such innovative ideas and actionable insights, understand that the energy of that high place is working for you.

13. Feel more centered and shift in consciousness

You will feel more conscious and more centered. 

  • When I say centered, the center is you, and the periphery is everything. 

  • Periphery- I call it Samsara(Matrix). The relatives, friends, family, people, your work, profession, society, everything is at the periphery.

  • You will feel it: the center is you, and the periphery is the whole Samsara. 

Take it this way: 

“You are an actor, and all your roles are periphery. They are your roles. They are not you. You remain as an actor, and you experientially feel it when you go to energy vortices, so that is the centeredness you feel”.  

14. Wonder and more aware of your existence

You will be surprised, and you will be mindful of your presence. You will be in wonder all the time.

You will understand who you are, feel who you are experientially, and then feel:

  • “I was thinking of these roles as me, but they are just roles I play.”
  • “I am permanently attached to these roles, but I don’t need to be connected to these roles without these roles as well. I can act.”
  • “I can be myself” is how an actor plays a role in a movie, and after completing his role, he remains an actor, or he remains a human being when he is at home and not playing the part.

In the same way, you will understand that these are my roles, and you will be aware of your existence, presence, who you are, and where you are. When you are you, you will understand, feel it, look, and be able to locate yourself.

I am not saying physical existence. Finding physical existence, physical existence is this body, your existence. I am telling you your consciousness where it is located. You will experientially feel it.

15. Feel the extreme stillness and the present moment

Energy Vortex- Present Moment

You will feel intense silence and be in the present moment, the way I always remain in the present moment, the extreme stillness inside.

  • If you are not in the present moment, you are the mind, always past and future.

  • Your role is to find peace externally.

  • When you go to such places, make no noise. There are no people around. 

  • Even if they are everywhere, they are not making noise and disturbing you, so that is a practicality.

You need to understand that when you go to such places and become one with yourself, you will feel extreme stillness and think you are in the present moment, which is a sign that you will lose touch with time.

Stillness is your very nature, from where the possibilities happen to where the intelligence takes place in your life.

If you want to solve your problems through intelligence, that is you. It would be best if you were in extreme stillness. You should be in intense silence. 

16. Feel there is nothing in life to achieve or control

You will feel that there is nothing in life to gain or control. It means when you think about what your mind is, every mind wants to acquire or retain something.

Genuine desire and fear are the two central Vikaras everyone goes through. Everyone wants to achieve or control something from there, so if you have Vikaras, you want to achieve something.

  • If you fear more, you want to control things so they will not leave you. It is the state where you do not feel like you have something to achieve or maintain.

  • When you feel freedom by going to such places, this is the next sign that you feel you are in the present moment and your mind is not attacking you.

  • Your mind is not taking energy from you to achieve or control something in the external world. In the world, you will always feel that your mind is asking you to achieve something and that you should do more.

“But in an energy vortex, only less is better for yourself. Also, you will feel “better is the more”. You feel that even if you do something small, a small movement. Still, I do it in a better way. You will feel that better is more that you are doing”.

What I am saying is:

“Increasing your productivity, increasing your return on investment (ROI) on time, money, and energy that you invest.

Look out for this sign where you feel there is nothing to achieve or control to find peace. I have already found peace, so when you go to such places and sit there for half an hour, one hour, or two hours, you will start feeling it all right”.

17. Stress-free

You will feel stress-free. There is no stress in your physical body or mental body. The tension comes from your mind telling you to always achieve or control something. Imagine there is no mind.

Is there any stress?

A voice in your head always tells you to succeed, control, or do something. All the time, it is asking you to do something, and you are running all the time to achieve something, but when that voice in your head stops becoming non-existent, you will feel that extreme peace. There is nothing out there to find peace.

18. Feel grounded and humbled

You will feel grounded and humbled. You will feel grounded and humbled because you feel that your form is a part of your existence.

The absolute reality is infinite abundance, and you play a nano space in this universe. Your sense of ego and identity diminishes, and you feel one with the formless energy around you. 

19. Feel grateful as the complaining mind has stopped

Energy Vortex- Gratefulness

You will feel that your complaining mind has stopped, and you will feel gratitude. You will be more grateful, more modest, and more humble. You will feel more thankful towards things outside and inside.

  • The state gives you that gratefulness that comes when you go to energy vortices and are there for some time.

  • Because that place has that unique special energy to change you, shift you to yourself, love, peace, bliss, gratefulness, all these are high energies.

You get these high energies when you go to such high elevated vortices.

Why should someone go to the vortex to get these energies?

So that you can tune yourself to these energies, you can get those energies to be in high energy and then operate from there. You can not expect to go there and charge your batteries, return to the world, and start working from the earlier lower energies. No, you must operate from those high energies and change your life. 

20. Sense of ego will reduce, and you will feel your “beingness” 

Your sense of ego will reduce, and you will feel beingness, so this is a shift in ego, and beingness is here.

  • When you can see your ego, you will also feel beingness. You start seeing your ego and understand that you are not that ego.

  • When you know- “I am not that ego, then who am I? I am this beingness that is always witnessing and always seeing things”.

  • When you start seeing your ego, your ego will reduce because you stop giving energy to the ego.

That way, when the ego decreases, the voice in your head will also stop, and the being in you will start taking action.

When you enter an energy vortex, you will feel more alive and more being, and the dead ego or the ego that takes energy from you will reduce. 

21. Appreciating the beauty of nature and its “Divinity”

You will start appreciating this nature and also the Divine qualities of this nature: the air, trees, grass, sky, and the high energy. You will start feeling it, and you will be grateful. You will find “Divinity” in it. 

  • Apart from soothing your five senses, you will feel your existence when you go beyond your feelings. 

“I am always grateful when I go to such high-rated places and remain there for some time.

  • I am always thankful because all the signs I am mentioning to you are what I experience. 
  • I get incredibly creative ideas, and I get highly actionable insights. I am grateful for my blessings.

My spine straightens up, and my arms are extended. I start looking at the sky. I begin feeling nature around me, and I am the chosen one to be here now, so the Namaste position takes place. I started experiencing that gratitude”. 

22. Feel a connectedness to the five elements of nature

You will feel a connectedness to the five elements of nature:

  • Earth (rocks, soil, plants, trees, flowers, fruits)

  • Water (water body, moisture, flowing stream, river), 

  • Fire (sunlight), 

  • Air (Pranic oxygen and nitrogen) and 

  • Space(sky and open space). 

You will start feeling connected with the grass, the wind, the rain, the sunlight, and the air.

You will start feeling it. You will begin feeling this connectedness with these five elements. Hence, this is the beauty. 

Who would not like to feel connected to the source of nature?

In this organic form, you are directly touching the basis of nature, so this is another advantage.  

In cities, you will find extreme constructions or concrete jungles on the Earth’s plane, where the natural energy is polluted with population and pollution. 

“At an energy vortex, you will find many natural wonders. Such sites are full earthly energy of nature. With these five elements- Earth’s electromagnetic field has been able to store, conserve, or preserve that energy because the matter does not contaminate it.

You will find few people in such a magnetic spot. You will discover a few concrete jungles, constructions, or commercial activities there. You will find connectedness with spiritual energy and spiritual people there in nature”.

23. Feel “alive” and “energetic”

Energy Vortex- Feel Alive and Energetic

You will find you feel alive and energetic when you feel yourself.

  • You will feel that you, the consciousness, are always happening and vibrant.

  • When I say that you will feel alive and energetic, the ever-present consciousness is that what you will feel, you will not feel tired.

Presently, the energies around you are sucking your energy. Instead, they are replenishing yourself; they are energizing you. When you feel alive and energetic, this is a sign that this place is an energy vortex filled with high positive energies.

Here, we come to the end of the signs and benefits of energy vortexes. 

I have discovered a few energy vortexes that you can visit anytime. Here are the links. You can watch the videos to get an idea of IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes. 

IGG-Verified Energy Vortexes (IGG-VEVP)

S. No.Sites- Google Map LinksLocation- Google Earth LinksYou Tube Links
1.Chitralekha UdyanTezpur, Assam, IndiaYT Link
2.AgnigarhTezpur, Assam, IndiaYT Link
3.Bamuni HillsTezpur, Assam, IndiaYT Link
4.Sonabheel Tea EstateTezpur, Assam, IndiaYT Link
5.Kanaklata Park and Rock GardenTezpur, Assam, IndiaYT Link
6. BagoriKaziranga National Park, Assam IndiaYT Link

Also, you can visit the most powerful and recognized Energy Vortexes in the world that I have shared in the next segment. 

Most Popular Energy Vortexes in the World

Sedona Energy Vortex

Sedona, Arizona, is the most famous energy vortex, held sacred and spiritually significant by the local Native American communities. Sedona vortex is one of the seven wonders, the most potent vortexes with rock formations. There are seven Sedona vortexes. Sedona, also known for its stunning natural beauty and association with energy vortices, is an area of heightened spiritual and metaphysical energy in the rock formations.

Significance of Sedona Energy Vortex Sites

Several locations in the entire city of Sedona are often mentioned as Sedona vortexes. The following are seven main vortex sites in Sedona:

  1. Bell Rock: Towering red rock formation and intense feminine energy.

  2. Cathedral Rock: Powerful masculine energy and a popular spot for meditation and reflection.

  3. Airport Mesa:  A vortex site with masculine and feminine energies.

  4. Boynton Canyon: A powerful vortex energy conducive to meditation and healing.

  5. Chapel of the Holy Cross: A stunning architectural huge cross, a marvel built into the red rocks of Sedona. Many find a sense of peace and spirituality when visiting this site. Marguerite Burnswig Staude, the mastermind behind its creation, said the church was a “spiritual fortress.” 

  6. Schnebly Hill Vortex: Combines cleansing, purifying, and balancing energies.

  7. Oak Creek Canyon Overlook: High Pranic with a high energy center, ancient vortex energy, serene views, and twisted trees.

Significance of Sedona Energy Vortex Sites

S. No.Sedona Energy Vortex SitesGoogle CoordinatesSignificance
1Cathedral Rock Vortex 34°49’16.4″N 111°47’33.9″WPowerful feminine energy that provides you with a cleansing and balancing experience.
2Bell Rock Vortex34°48’09.1″N 111°45’54.4″WIntense masculine energy and breathtaking rock formations, an electromagnetic vortex filled with quartz crystals, promote spiritual balance and self-awareness.
3Boynton Canyon Vortex34°54’42.7″N 111°50’53.7″WA powerful combination of masculine and feminine energies makes it perfect for grounding and relationship strengthening.
4Airport Mesa Vortex34°51’21.1″N 111°46’44.2″WMasculine energy that fosters confidence and self-worth.
5Chapel of the Holy Cross Vortex34°49’55.3″N 111°46’00.4″WHealing solid energies and spiritual powers, radiating love, harmony, and oneness.
6Schnebly Hill Vortex34°50’41.6″N 111°49’36.7″WA combination of cleansing, purifying, and balancing energies.
7Oak Creek Canyon Overlook35°01’46.9″N 111°44’00.6″WHigh Pranic also has a high energy center, ancient vortex energy, serene views, and twisted trees.

Other Well-known Energy Vortexes Around the World

Well-known Energy Vortexes Around the World- Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England
  1. Glastonbury Tor, England: Steeped in myth and legend, often regarded as the mythical burial place of King Arthur and the medieval sites of the iconic Glastonbury Festival, a symbol of contemporary music and counterculture 

  2. Es Vedrà, Ibiza, Spain: A mystical and picturesque island surrounded by folklore, known for its magnetic and enchanting https://innergpsgurus.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgt coast. Stands tall in the Mediterranean Sea, right off the coast of Ibiza. This giant limestone rock stands 1300 feet above the sea.

  3. Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England: One of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments, a testament to ancient engineering and celestial alignment, inspiring awe and fascination for generations and spiritual people. Walking around the stone circle makes you feel electromagnetic energy.

  4. Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii, USA: Houses a dormant volcano crater with a unique and surreal landscape, attracting astronomers and nature enthusiasts for its breathtaking sunrise views and scientific significance.

  5. The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt: Represents a Air Vortex, a marvel of ancient architecture and engineering, symbolizing Egypt’s rich history and cultural heritage.

  6. Mount Shasta, California, USA: Holds spiritual significance for indigenous tribes and modern spiritual seekers. Believed to be a place of healing and enlightenment, it is a potentially active volcano in the Cascades in northern California.

  7. Mayan Ruins, Tulum, Mexico: Showcase the architectural and astronomical prohttps://innergpsgurus.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/placeholder-vertical-1.jpgs of the ancient world of Mayans, offering a glimpse into their rich history and culture.

  8. Machu Picchu, Peru: Stands as an iconic Inca citadel. It is renowned for its breathtaking mountaintop location and archaeological significance, providing insights into ancient Andean civilization.

  9. Lago Atitlán, Guatemala: A stunning highland lake surrounded by picturesque villages and volcanoes, offering a serene and culturally rich environment for travelers and indigenous communities.

  10. Uluru, known as Ayers Rock, Australia: Holds deep spiritual and cultural significance for Aboriginal people of Australia, symbolizing their connection to the land and ancestral traditions.

  11. Kasar Devi Temple, Almora, India: Situated within the Earth’s Van Allen Belt, the surrounding area boasts a significant geomagnetic field due to unique gaps in the radiation bands. This has led to Kasar Devi Temple being recognized for its exceptional cosmic energy.

Other Well-known Energy Vortexes Around the World 

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1.Glastonbury Tor, EnglandLink Mystical, Arthurian legends, music festival.
2.Es Vedrà, Ibiza, SpainLinkEnigmatic island, magnetic allure.
3.Stonehenge, Wiltshire, EnglandLinkAncient stone circle, solstice alignment.
4.Haleakalā Volcano, Hawaii, USALinkVolcanic sunrise, sacred crater.
5.The Great Pyramid of Giza, EgyptLinkAncient wonder, monumental tomb.
6.Mount Shasta, California, USALinkSpiritual center, mystical mountain.
7.Mayan Ruins, Tulum, MexicoLinkCoastal archaeological site, history.
8.Machu Picchu, PeruLinkInca citadel, breathtaking ruins.
9.Lago Atitlán, GuatemalaLinkScenic lake, Mayan culture.
10.Uluru, Australia (Ayers Rock)LinkSacred monolith, Indigenous heritage.
11. Kasar Devi Temple, Almora, IndiaLinkSpiritual retreat, Himalayan mystique.

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