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Shaktipat – Inner GPS Activation- The Best Guide

IGG Avadhut

Have you ever felt lost or unsure of what path to take? 

Maybe you are stuck in your career or struggling to find meaning and purpose in your daily activities. 

Are you going through the “Dark Night of the Soul- Kundalini Awakening” journey? 

The good news is that you have an Inner GPS to guide you toward your true purpose.

At present, your Inner GPS is dormant in you due to over investment of your energy into your mind. Your mind has camouflaged your consciousness, your Inner GPS, not allowing you to live life to the fullest. 

The direct solution to your problems is my Inner GPS Activation. Through my Inner GPS Activation, you can silence your mind and integrate your energy at the center, consciousness, and operate powerfully from there. 

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What Is Inner GPS Activation?
  • Benefits of Inner GPS Activation  
  • Why do you need Inner GPS Activation?
  • How do you get results through Inner GPS Activation?
  • Why Is Inner GPS Activation a Workshop?

Whether you’re just starting on your personal growth journey or are looking for ways to deepen your spiritual practice, Inner GPS Activation can help you navigate the dynamism of life with confidence and ease.

What Is Shaktipat- Inner GPS Activation? 

Shaktipat/ Inner GPS Activation is the direct shift in your consciousness. Through my Inner GPS Activation, I take you to an elevated level of consciousness in you than where you are now.  

Inner GPS Activation is tuning into your intuition, inner voice, and higher self to gain clarity, direction, and guidance in your life.

Inner GPS Activation is not a mystical or magical concept but a practical tool to help you make better decisions, improve your relationships, and create a more fulfilling life.

By listening to your inner voice, you can align your thoughts, feelings, and actions with your true purpose and values.

More about Inner GPS Activation, you can know about from my Inner GPS Activation Page.

Benefits of Inner GPS Activation for You

Benefits of Inner GPS Activation

My Inner GPS Activation will take you to the direct path to feeling control in life. I will guide you with practical tips and insights to help you be aware and strengthen your Inner GPS.

I have many benefits, or a list, to share with you as I activate your Inner GPS, and the Team IGG helps people in many dimensions.

We have many success stories based on different case studies, but since I want to keep their names and case studies confidential, I cannot share them. Since everyone’s problem is unique, and so are the solutions, I focus on you right now!

I am sharing with you some of the many prominent benefits that my clients have experienced through Inner GPS Activation: 

1. Your consciousness increases

When your consciousness is increased that time you act like a witness. You become a witness. 

Witness of what? 

  • Witness of your own self, 
  • Witness of your mind

When you become the witness of yourself, you understand how many roles I am playing. 

I’m playing the role of a brother or sister or maybe father, mother, brother, and in office, maybe a manager or vice president. 

If you are playing so many roles, then who are you?

Even if you meditate for 100 days, you won’t understand or feel experiential- Who are you?

1. You are an actor, not a character

Through my Inner GPS Activation, I take you to your source- Your witness. For the first time in life, you experience it – Who are you?

When you experience who you are at that time, you can act the way you want as a brother, as a father, as a manager, or whichever role you are playing.

You become an actor. You don’t become that character or role, that is one part of how it benefits you. Another dimension is mentioned below. 

2. You stop taking things seriously 

You stop taking things seriously. When you stop taking things seriously as a role, or character, you understand that I am experiencing: 

  • The emotion of a father
  • The emotion of a brother
  • The emotion of a son 

You realize that:

“I am not that emotional, and I am not experiencing that emotion in a brother as a role. I am experiencing it”.

Once you understand that, you become detached from it and stop taking things seriously.

How does it benefit you when you stop taking any role seriously on your emotional level?

  • Your energy in motion changes. When it changes, it stops affecting your physical body.
  • When it stops affecting your physical body through the sympathetic system, you mostly remain in a parasympathetic system.

That is the most important part of my Inner GPS Activation session.

2. You become unlimited 

You become unlimited in your life. When you become a witness, you feel that “unlimited consciousness”.

  • When you experience the first time in your life, the unlimited consciousness, the blankness, the spaciousness – from there, you start operating. 
  • When you are unlimited, you start getting productive and creative ideas from yourself – that is you – your center.
  • Your centeredness gives you those creative ideas. 

3. Inner GPS Energy Healing

Inner GPS Activation is mostly a powerful Inner GPS Energy Healing session. Inner GPS Activation is an Energy Healing session, divine energy, or what you may call spiritual energy.

Through my Inner GPS Activation or Spiritual Healing session, the energy that is you is disintegrated in your body and mind comes back to you.

  • You feel integrated. 
  • Your soul, mind, body, and everything, whatever energy is spread out, comes back to your source, the center.
  • That center is you.
  • You feel in control of all these things.

4. Free from chronic physical issues

Inner GPS Activation is for you if you are going through issues like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis(MS), or many other physical problems that make you most tired, fatigued, cause your body pain, constipation, migraine, sleeplessness, insomnia, or loss of energy. 

All these issues you experience are due to the disintegration of energy or may be due to trauma. Allopathy or medical practice has no solution to it since it is energetic. Only Inner GPS Activation can help you.

If you feel you are going through fibromyalgia and, despite years of taking medicines, you are not getting even 1% of the benefit, then take my Inner GPS Activation.

  • First time in my life, you will experience that shift.
  • I like to shift your energy fast, instantly.
  • It works immediately 
  • It works on you.

5. Facilitates Kundalini Awakening

Inner GPS Activation is not a Kundalini Awakening session.

But suppose you are going through the “Dark Night of the Soul” or the Kundalini Awakening due to your evolution. In that case, you will feel an extreme shift – the elevating, uplifting energy and the integration of all the Chakras through my Inner GPS Activation.

When you experience the integration of Chakras, be sure you have burnt many of your Karmas during the session.

You cannot move upward without experiencing or completing those Karmas, especially if you’re going through Kundalini Awakening

If your Kundalini is awakened, you have to complete all your Karmas in this life before the physical death of your body. 

What is Karma in the simplest term? 

Karma is energy blockages in all your Chakras (energy vortexes) in your energy channels.

When you take my Inner GPS Activation, you experience that many of your Karmas transmuting to burn. To burn all your Karma, you must take many sessions.

I have created this article mainly for your benefit, but if your Kundalini is awakened or suffering a lot, contact me.

I may suggest taking hundreds of sessions in a year or maybe in a gap of three months.

  • Do contact me if you are suffering a lot.
  • Please do not contact me for your daily day-to-day issues or problems.
  • You’re strong enough to handle that.

Are you suffering alone? 

Suppose you are suffering a lot and no one can help you. In that case, Team IGG is with you to help you through Inner GPS Workshops, a combination of Inner GPS Coaching and Inner GPS Activation.

These powerful value additions from us will help you shift your energy, be strong, and be in control of your life. My Inner GPS Activation will help you to facilitate the Kundalini Awakening journey with ease.

6. Flow in business or profession

Flow in business or profession

My Inner GPS Activation is for those stuck in their business or professional lives.

If you feel that you are investing a lot, you are investing your time, money, and energy. Still, after that, you’re not getting benefits, then know that your energy is stuck.

  • When the energy is stuck in your life, your flow is blocked.
  • You cannot do much in the external world.

My Inner GPS Activation session helps:

  • You unblock the energy and move forward in your business and professional life. 
  • You will flow in your growth and prosperity associated with earning money, growing as a professional, and becoming happy and wealthy. 
  • You will feel enhanced productivity immediately after the session and discover new ideas and creativity to go ahead in your business venture with a dynamic approach. 

 7. You become bold and powerful 

You become bold and courageous. Especially if you are a nice guy, do contact me first.

  • There is nobody in the world who can help you.
  • If you’re a nice guy, everyone is there to take advantage of you
  • They are all to take you for granted.

Only at IGG, Team IGG will help you: 

  • Transform from a weak guy or Nice Guy to a new man who is an integrated man.
  • When you become integrated, you understand the energy- the manly energy that you are.

If you’re a nice guy and you are having issues in: 

  • Your personal life, relationship, or corporate life.
  • You are not getting that promotion.
  • Everyone is taking you for granted in office politics.
  • Your wife, spouse, or girlfriend is taking you for granted, and her parents are also taking you for granted.

Then do contact me, and I will help you move forward.

  • You need that boost
  • You need that jump-start

Don’t waste your time, money, and energy in experiencing or suffering that thing. Take my Inner GPS Activation and transform it into a bold, powerful one. Courageous, powerful, practical – An Integrated Man! 

8. You become youthful 

If you have reached 60 years of age and there is low energy to do day-to-day activities, contact me.

  • I will take you to yourself -consciousness- peace.
  • Peace is healing.
  • When you experience that peace, you understand you don’t have to do many things.
  • You just have to do the right things.

We will tell you which right things you need to do even if you are 60- 65 or more in body’s age. 

  • I will treat you as a student or a beginner.
  • So come with a beginner’s mind. 
  • Even if you’re retired as an MD or VP from your company.

You are just an innocent human being who has lost his way home. Come with that surrendered approach, and I will help you to become youthful and energetic. 

9. You find yourself

You find yourself

If you feel alone and lost in life, my Inner GPS Activation will tell you- Who are you?

When you understand- Who you are? What’s the point of being lonely? 

You understand that:

  • You are that unlimited self.
  • You are infinite abundance.
  • You are that spaciousness.
  • You are that unlimited consciousness.

Then you can go out; if you want to create and build a relationship, do that. 

  • But do that for yourself. 
  • Do that intentionally. 
  • Don’t do it out of attachment or your mind’s suggestions to you. 

10. You become liberated

You can be a housewife or a spouse who has experienced abandonment from your husband or wife for the last 20 years.

Still, you are unable to share it with anyone. Do come to us.

  • We will unlock the knot you are experiencing, which will flow that energy in you.
  • You can make decisions fast if you feel that this decision has been pending for the last 20 years.
  • You will make that decision in the next three months and be free.
  • You will feel the freedom, liberation, and independence of living on your own terms.
  • You will become a confident, independent individual who knows what’s best for him/her. 

Why Do You Need Inner GPS Activation? 

Why Do You Need Inner GPS Activation?

My Inner GPS Activation is a transformative practice that can activate both your physical and energetic pathways, allowing you to easily and clearly navigate life’s twists and turns. 

With Inner GPS Activation, you’ll experience a profound activation of your:

  • Vagus Nerve on the body-mind layer  
  • Sushumna Nadi on the energy or spirit layer

Activation of the Vagus Nerve and Sushumna Nadi unlocks a new level of awareness and intuition in you. 

1. What happens when the Vagus Nerve is activated? 

The Vagus Nerve is one of the most important nerves in the body, responsible for various functions, including regulating heart rate, breathing, digestion, and immune responses. When the vagus nerve is activated, it can have several effects on the body, including:

1. Reduced heart rate

Activation of the vagus nerve can slow down the heart rate, benefiting you with improved healthy heart conditions.

2. Improved digestion

The vagus nerve plays a key role in regulating digestive functions, so when it is activated, it can improve your digestion and help with issues such as bloating, constipation, and diarrhea.

3. Reduced inflammation

The vagus nerve is also involved in regulating the immune system. When activated, it can help you reduce inflammation throughout the body.

4. Reduced anxiety

The vagus nerve is connected to several areas of the brain that regulate mood and emotions, so when activated, it can help you reduce feelings of anxiety and stress.

Overall, activating the vagus nerve can positively impact a wide range of bodily functions and can be beneficial for overall health and well-being.

2. What happens when Sushumna Nadi is activated? 

According to traditional Hindu and Yogic Philosophy, the Sushumna Nadi is one of the three main energy channels in the human body, running along the spine from the base to the crown of the head.

1. Flow or Prana

When the Sushumna Nadi is activated, it is believed to facilitate the flow of Prana (life force energy) throughout the body, leading to heightened awareness and spiritual realization.

2. Feel centered as consciousness

Activation of the Sushumna Nadi is said to be achieved through advanced yoga techniques, including pranayama (breathing exercises), bandhas (energy locks), meditation, and when your Kundalini is awakened spontaneously. With your activated Sushumna Nadi, you feel centered as consciousness and go beyond your mind. 

3. Heightened vitality and powers

As Prana flows more freely through the Sushumna Nadi, you may experience a range of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits, including:

  1. Increased physical vitality and energy
  2. Improved mental clarity and concentration
  3. Deep relaxation and reduction of stress and anxiety
  4. Heightened spiritual awareness and connection to higher consciousness
  5. Awakening of dormant psychic abilities 
  6. Access to intuitive powers 

It is important to note that the activation of the Sushumna Nadi is a delicate, challenging,

complex, and advanced practice that should not be attempted alone. 

You must be under the guidance of a qualified Siddha Yoga Master or Guru or Siddha Spiritual Mentor or activate it directly through my Inner GPS Activation. 

How Do You Get Results Through Inner GPS Activation? 

At Team IGG, our main vision is to free you-the human being:

  • By raising your consciousness
  • Through empowerment

You will get results in multiple ways through your efforts too in the direction of transforming yourself. 

1. Chakra balance 

When we raise your consciousness, we make you feel empowered and balance all your Chakras.

If you want to learn more about Chakras, that is another thing, and you can join our Inner GPS Workshops for that.

2. Intuitive powers 

My Inner GPS Activation will help you build those intuitive skills and power in you. It’s the feedback from my clients or students who have shared their various experiences.

I’m sharing just a list of points with you so that you understand it, access to intuitive powers, is one of them. If you feel that your problem is not covered in this list, do contact us.

3. Next level of consciousness, the ‘New Man’

From wherever you are, from whichever level you are, I guarantee you will go to the next level of consciousness, to be the “New Man”.

You cannot remain in the same consciousness or do the same thing from the same level of consciousness and expect the external thing will change.

For the result to change, the input itself should be changed. Otherwise, garbage in and garbage out.

With the right input, we help you become a new person, and with that new energy, you will input a new thing, new raw material. So the external result will be great.

4. One-to-one Inner GPS Activation

My Inner GPS Activation Workshop is mostly one-to-one.

  • It’s very confidential 
  • It’s very personal

What comes up in the session is no less than a Miracle!

We have experienced that with many people. They share their personal issues with us, so we at Inner GPS Activation Workshop, give it as a One-to-one Workshop.

Why Is Inner GPS Activation a Workshop? 

Why Is Inner GPS Activation a Workshop?

Inner GPS is a workshop because it is energy work.

Most of your questions will be solved and answered, and you will be shifted to a new level of consciousness.

Yes, we do conduct Group Workshops (check our website for Group Inner GPS Workshops details), and we also conduct “One-to-one Workshops”. 

  • The session will be one-to-one for one hour.
  • You can come alone, with your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, or father, and we will solve your issues energetically.
  • The solution will be given to only one person, not the person you are coming with.

For example:

You are a husband, and you need Inner GPS Activation and Coaching. We will give it to you only, not to your wife because she’s a different person in consciousness. At the destiny level, she has a different destiny.

You will understand:

  • What’s in your destiny
  • How you can make it better
  • How can you approach
  • How can you can be prepared for whatever is coming

Your health, wealth, relationships, spirituality, or Kundalini Awakening, whichever problems you are facing, we have the solutions.

Do contact us, and if you have any queries, kindly email me I will reply.

My Final Wishes for You

With that, I wish you all the best to enjoy your life and be happy. 

Come to IGG Verified Energy Vortexes, where I share insights with you, and be happy.

I have created videos of IGG Verified Energy Vortexes, and this guide is from one of the IGG Verified Energy Vortexes I am covering.

Do watch those videos and read the articles as well. It will give you that energetic shift.

Keep checking our website regularly for more information about Inner GPS Activation, Inner GPS Coaching, and Inner GPS Workshops. 


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