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How Shaktipat Activates Kundalini?

IGG Avadhut

First clarity, I will give you that Shaktipat cannot activate dormant Kundalini.

If you have learnt or read somewhere that Shaktipat can activate Kundalini then it is a myth and you must drop this myth immediately if you want to know the truth.

Shaktipat can energize an already awakened Kundalini.

The truth about the Shaktipat and Kundalini connection is that the Shaktipat facilitates the Kundalini Awakening journey.

How does Shaktipat facilitate the Kundalini Awakening journey?

Here are the secrets:

  1. Kundalini is a Shakti energy that awakens in different individuals in the last birth to become free from the cycle of birth and death.
  2. When Kundalini Shakti awakens, it has lower Consciousness in the lower Chakras because of being at a distance (energetic) from the Universal Consciousness.
  3. When you receive Shaktipat from your Guru who has the power of Shakti energy in higher intensity, the Shakti energy from him is transferred to your Energy Channels (Nadis) and activates the Kundalini Shakti energy already awakened in you.
  4. Shaktipat acts like a jump start to the already awakened Kundalini to clear the Karmic blockages.
  5. Until you are completely free when Kundalini reaches the Crown Chakra and pierces beyond that to merge with Universal Consciousness, regular Shaktipat from the Guru acts as a rocket launcher.


The Kundalini Awakening journey is like the journey of launching a Rocket in the Space.

Shaktipat from the Guru acts like the Rocket Launcher whose role is to launch the Rocket into the space and get detached from it and remain at its original position. A Rocket Launcher does not go into space with the Rocket.

A Guru has access to Cosmic Prana and Universal Shakti Energy that he transmits in you through Shaktipat.

Kundalini in order to ascend or rise up higher in the Spine, unblocking each Chakra needs a huge volume of Prana.

Most of the Prana that you intake during breathing, are absorbed or combustion happens to convert it into Cosmic Prana needed by Kundalini.

The Cosmic Prana needed for Kundalini when contributed through Shaktipat aids the process and Kundalini shoots up more smoothly than without Shaktipat.

So Shaktipat is the powerful force of the Guru to ascend your awakened Kundalini.

If you have any further questions, you can ask me.


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