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What Is Sahaj Samadhi? Why Is It So Important? Here’s My Experience

IGG Avadhut

Sahaj Samadhi is the most challenging phase of human evolutionary journey. 

Sahaj Samadhi is the most important and crucial stage of the Kundalini Awakening journey, even more dangerous than the total Kundalini Awakening journey from the moment it awakens till it pierces Crown Chakra and merges with Universal Consciousness. 

Why Is Sahaj Samadhi Stage of Kundalini Awakening so Challenging? 

To understand the meaning of Sahaj Samadhi, you must first understand what Samadhi is and what Sahaj means in Sahaj Samadhi context. 

Samadhi is the state of complete absorption of Kundalini energy into the source, Consciousness. The center of existence. 

Samadhi, or Enlightenment or Nirvana or Moksha leads to the state where Kundalini reclaims back all your disintegrated energies in the body, mind and individual soul to the center, Consciousness itself. 

How does Kundalini do it? 

Kundalini acts as the carrier of purified consciousness, or energy like a vehicle carrying the purified Prana and all the energy  distributed in the Body-Mind-Spirit, in the form of Karmic unsettled blockages. 

Kundalini acts as the Volcano that erupts like a dormant volcano, waiting for the pressure to build up and then suddenly Kundalini awakens similar to Volcanic Eruption and lava burning all that comes in its way.

The volcanic eruption continues till Kundalini pierces the Crown Chakra and merges with Universal Consciousness in the Eighth Chakra after completing all the Karmas, purifying the energy channels, unblocking all the Chakras, dissolving the mind-ego and healing the body from the micro level of existence. 

Now, you reach a state of Shiva and Shakti uniting to raise itself to the level of Superconsciousness.

Most of the enlightened beings have experienced the bliss of Moksha-Liberation-Enlightenment. 

But nobody knows about what happens beyond Enlightenment. 

What happens beyond Enlightenment? 

Beyond Enlightenment – there is a black hole that leads you to the state of nothingness, when you are completely absorbed in the source of existence, and the journey of the unknown begins.

  1. You are lost as a non-being into nothingness and feel you are the everythingness too. 
  2. You do not hold on to any role or center of existence that can be identified with your relative reality on Planet Earth. 
  3. You are that absolute reality, the universe of the universe, beyond any boundaries and limitations.
  4. You become the generator of electricity, the powerhouse itself. 
  5. Your gadget, your body feels limited with extreme Electrified Energy in your energy channels, that your present nervous system and brain cannot process. 

At this stage, even your Spiritual Master/ Guru leaves you because the divine laws are like that. 

When the student is ready, the master appears – this happens normally after you suffer enough at the imbalanced Heart Chakra level.

The Guru takes you from the Heart Chakra level to the Crown Chakra and once you reach Moksha, the Guru dissolves with universal Consciousness – that is the moment when your Inner GPS is activated to lead you further.

If you are fortunate enough then the Guru gives you Secret Post Enlightenment Sadhana Secrets but beyond that he does not remain with you to help. 

Since the journey is of the unknown, you have to create your own pathways based on your Intuition and Intelligence from Divine Guidance.

Trust me, you are lost completely at this junction because there is no past and no future. 

Only reside only in the present and there is no inclination towards moving anywhere other than living in the present. 

You are lost into the unknown universe with abundance of joy, peace, love and freedom but the Dharma towards your body keeps you alert and awake. 

Why to fulfill Body’s Dharma?

Body’s Dharma is your Prarabdha

You have certain duties to fulfill as a Liberated Master and you need to perform the role of the Master/ Guru that you have become by reaching the state you are – 

A Spiritual Master with access to Spiritual Powers that you get after following the guidelines of your Guru through Sadhana and intentions. 

But the expression of your Power is unknown. 

To sum up, here are the three stages of Spiritual Awakening or Kundalini Awakening journey till it’s full blossoming: 

  • Stage 1: Self- Realization – Moksha/ Enlightenment/ Samadhi 
  • Stage 2: Self- Stabilization – Post Enlightenment Sadhana 
  • Stage 3: Self- Expression – Beyond Enlightenment – Expressing as the Spiritual Master- Sahaj Samadhi 

What Is Sahaj Samadhi?

Sahaj Samadhi in true sense is the way you express as the creator, as the healer, as the Siddha, Guru, Master through your Godliness but the challenge is to create your platform of expression through your Energy in a new way. 

Sahaj Samadhi is your new birth as the Avadhuta, the Avatar who is born for a bigger purpose and you have to create your niche into the world of matter. 

How do you do it? 

Sahaj Samadhi

This is what I teach and guide you in my Kundalini Awakening WorkshopsSahaj Samadhi Project.

To know more about it, you can ask me questions: 

  1. If you are facing challenges in integration after becoming Enlightened.
  2. If you are lost in bliss and non-being state post Enlightenment.
  3. If you do not know your life purpose after reaching Samadhi. 

What is Sahaj Samadhi Project? 

Sahaj Samadhi Project is the project that I have created for you to launch yourself into Sahaj Samadhi after extreme absorption into Samadhi due to enlightenment.

I have myself experienced the highest level of Samadhi and even the longest one ever in the Kundalini Awakening journey, and have come out of it successfully.

But, as a Guru, I have practically devised ways and action steps through which you can come to Sahaj Samadhi if you follow as I guide you. 


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