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What Happens When Kundalini Awakens?

IGG Avadhut

Kundalini Awakening is a spiritual phenomenon experienced by many people throughout history and still happening with many worldwide. 

Kundalini Awakening is a powerful and transformative experience that can profoundly change you and your life. 

In this article, you will learn:

Whether you are curious about Kundalini Awakening or have already experienced it, this article will provide valuable insights into this fascinating and often misunderstood phenomenon.

In this guide, I am sharing David’s case study with you. If you have similar problems, the solutions mentioned in this guide will help you. 

Case Study: Kundalini Awakening

Let’s move to today’s question, which has come from David from California. 


What Happens When Kundalini Awakens?

Is it true that before Kundalini Awakening, some people are targeted to be awakened from the day they are born (like something pulls them this way)?

Also, I mean the kind of family they live in, social relationships, intelligence, country, etc. or does a random thing happen with meditation?

I am experiencing extreme loneliness due to energy volatility and trying to understand my situation. Please help. 

I am providing you with the solutions in this article in an interactive way so that if you are also going through Kundalini Awakening, you find the solutions meaningful for you. 

Also, you can contact me for Kundalini Awakening Workshop and support. 

Why Does Kundalini Awakening Happen?

Kundalini Awakening happens when you are decided to be free. The social environment, relationships, family, or background is created so that you complete all your load, burden, or settle your karmic accounts and be free in this life.

The process that triggers Awakening can be different for you:

  • It can be through Guru
  • It can be during meditation
  • It can be certain trauma

But ultimately, you will be free due to your destiny.

Yes, right from your birth, the situations or events occur this way that you will have to complete your Karmas.

So that you have to settle their accounts, whether it is debit or credit. Then once you are free from your Karmic accounts, you will be free forever.

What Happens When Kundalini Awakens?

When Kundalini is awakened, different things happen in your social, emotional, financial, spiritual, and sexual life.

  • It can make you extremely lonely. 
  • It is called spiritual depression.
  • It is also called “The Dark Night of the Soul.”

Why Do You Feel Spiritual Depression in the Kundalini Awakening Journey? 

Why Do You Feel Spiritual Depression in the Kundalini Awakening Journey? 

You feel spiritual depression during the Kundalini Awakening journey because many energy downloads are happening in your body.

  • Ultimately, the complete absorption of energy is stuck into the matter or Samsara in all these lives.
  • The Kundalini takes it back to your centre, consciousness. 
  • You will feel extreme alienation and extreme separation from the world. 
  • The duration of “The Dark Knight of the Soul” varies for different individuals based on how much cleansing process, Kundalini needs to set you free.
  • In your world, it might be your parents, relatives, spouse, friends, and society in general. You’ll be separated from these people sooner or later.

You will ask me,

“I’m staying with my parents:

  • Why do I need to be away from my family and not stay with my family?
  •  Why do I need to be away from those people?”

The solutions to your above questions are answered in the next segment. 

Why Do You Feel Alienation During the Kundalini Awakening Journey?

You feel alienated, disconnected, disoriented, and lonely during the Kundalini Journey due to the following reasons:

1. Lack of control

First of all, you don’t have any control over it. The energy in you wants to be free from all the shackles of Samsara or Matrix.

It decides for you, or it decides for itself.

2. Not your life anymore

When Kundalini awakens, it’s not your life. It’s Kundani’s life. 

  • It will do anything.
  • It will create events.
  • It will bring some people into your life to complete your Karma and settle your accounts. 
  • It will bring some enlightened souls into your life to guide you further to take clues. 

3. Journey into the unknown

It’s an extremely adventurous journey into the unknown where you will be left alone:

  • To feel your suffering.
  • To go through physical issues
  • To go through mental issues, to go through financial issues.

4. Emptiness in relationships

Suppose you are not physically away from your family in this period. In that case, you will feel emptiness in those relationships.

You won’t feel a connection. You’ll be physically there with these people in the same house, maybe, but there will be separation, and there will not be any connection. You will feel it, and they will feel it too.

After that, it’s your decision, not their decision, whether to stay together or away from each other.

5. Loneliness and energy volatility

You experiencing an extreme level of loneliness due to energy volatility due to the transformation you are undergoing as a human being. This transformation is similar to the metamorphosis of larvae into a butterfly, where the previous existence is transformed into a new version.

What happens when kundalini awakens

I would suggest you stay with your energetic reality. You need to live your energetic reality.

What Is Your Energetic Reality? 

Your energetic reality is whatever you are supposed to go through, you will have to go through it. It will create extreme suffering.

My suggestion is you can join offline or online groups of Kundalini Awakening.

If possible, meet some people with spiritual powers, Siddhas, who will first help you understand whether Kundalini Awakening is happening in you or if you need a counselor. Our Inner GPS Coaching is for that.

If you really need help, you can contact us. We will help you with Kundalini Awakening coaching, guidance, mentoring, and hand-holding through our Kundalini Awakening Workshop.

Financial Support During Kundalini Awakening Journey

Financial support in kundalini phase

Financial support is vital during your Kundalini Awakening journey because you will be left alone in the unknown to travel your path. Try to support yourself financially.

Some practical suggestions for supporting yourself financially: 

1. Survival needs

Do activities that are required to keep you physically alive.

2. Save enough 

Save and ensure you have enough money to sponsor your Kundalini Awakening journey.

3. Be ready for a job shift

If you are doing a job, there may be a possibility of losing the job or a job change. Save and invest. 

4. Debt-free 

Try to be debt free as soon as possible. 

5. Desire-free, need only

Reduce your desires. Sponsor only your need- food, clothing, shelter, and working possibilities.

How Can I Help You? 

You must understand one thing- You need someone free, Siddha, to help you in this Journey.

The world out there doesn’t understand Kundalini Awakening. So no medical doctor, no counselor, or psychiatrist will be able to help you.

Only a person who is Siddha will help you.

If you need help or have any troubling questions, please email me. Contact me if you have any issues with the Kundalini Awakening journey, and I will help you.


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