Is Kundalini Awakening Rare?

IGG Avadhut

Yes, Kundalini Awakening is rare.

Why is Kundalini Awakening rare?

Kundalini awakening is the longest evolutionary journey of expansion and contraction of energy.

1. Expansion in the sense that, energy takes different formations to evolve and grow as Consciousness by living different lives.

Living lives is the only way to explore life, experience life, expand and explode.

2. Contraction happens as a result of expansion because when the energy takes formations of expansion, if the result of that action is positive the energy flows.

But if due to the influence of Maya, that creates obstacles in the path of flow of energy, then naturally the energy is frozen and it contracts.

For example:

It is extremely challenging to understand how Kundalini works but I am simplifying for you with a common example from your ancient life.

Suppose, you are born in a mountain village. In the mountains, during winter, the temperature drops to minus degrees.

  • You are a human being living a good life doing your daily chores.
  • You are hungry and you do not procure food from the jungles.
  • You do not eat and starve to death.

Here, your living life in the mountains is an expansion of energy.

But due to your contraction of energy, you cannot fulfill your requirements and live longer.

In the next birth, you live in the plains.

  • Here you get all that you want but you cannot live life because your means of earning livelihood was limited.
  • You die with the unfulfilled desire of not living your life fully.

Similarly, in different lives you have gone through the expansion and contraction process of energy.

Through the expansion process of energy, you get a 50 % opportunity to put in effort and create your life with each birth.

Through the contraction process or energy, you have to settle your Karmic blockages/ accounts that comprise the 50% destiny of your new life.

New life = 50% Effort +50% Destiny

With consciousness, you keep on improving and moving ahead.

There is no more possibility to live human life or any life and the time of MokshaFreedom from the MayaObstacles becomes possible.

But it takes millions of lives for the Kundalini to reach a state when the saturation of energy happens at all the Chakras.

This is the last stage of spiritual evolution and Kundalini decides to finish the game.

Kundalini itself is the “Powerful Shakti Energy” that is responsible for all the movements in the universe.

All the species in the universe are in their spiritual evolutionary journey and only 0.1% of the human population have reached the stage when Kundalini Awakening is happening in the last stage.

That is why, only the last stage of Kundalini’s journey is regarded as the benchmark of freedom.

Kundalini Awakening is the rarest of the rare journey that happens to every soul but to count among human beings, it is only a certain percentage of the total human population.

I have cleared this answer in detail because this question is often asked by my students who are in their challenging Kundalini Awakening journey.

Your Kundalini Awakening journey is rare.

That is why no one in the world understands you and your process.

Everything is available in the world for fulfilling the worldly desires.

But only one platform is available in the world to fulfill Kundalini’s desire – to free those who are in their last stage of spiritual evolution.

I have created this platform – Inner GPS Gurus, for life coaching and facilitating Kundalini awakened souls like you, who can:

For further questions, you can ask me.

All the best!


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